Record Electrical Associates Ltd

We market and manufacture panel meters and quality products with unquestionable reliability. They are suitable for the railways, marine, power generation, petrochemical, process plants, and laboratory environments.

Special indicators have been certified for use in hazardous area applications holding ATEX certification for both intrinsically safe and type nL areas suitable for field mounting, having IP66 rating, and panel mounting with IP54 rating.

Our panel meters include:

  • Record traction
  • Record DIN
  • Record control
  1. Dessicator/Humidity Cabinet

    Dessicator/Humidity Cabinet
    Application: For dry storage of specimens, for testing specimens under constant humidity and for environmental testing of electrical assemblies, metalic products, natural and synthetic materials. The Dessicator Cabinet can achieve tempreature stability within an hour of setting. A range of Huimidity Chambers are available to cover humidity testing requirements which fall outside the range of the Dessicator/Humidity Cabinet.