Record Industrial Brushes Ltd.

Record Industrial Brushes Ltd. was set up to manufacture industrial brushes in 1976 by its world-renowned parent company Kullen GmbH.

RIB through strong leadership and continual investment has over the years grown from two employees working eight hour shifts to eighty working sixteen hours per day.

Our extensive range of industrial brushes in excess of 136,000 different items will I am sure hold the answer to your problem. The following industries are just a few we supply with industrial brushes world wide, automotive, rolling mill, paper mill, pipeline, printing, tube de-burring, floor cleaning, engineering, pharmaceutical, glass washing, wood/upvc windows and door production.

The most up to date machinery and a work force with years of experience has made RIB makers of the most powerful line of industrial brushes in Europe. Manufacturing in Wales ensures quick delivery at unrivalled prices.

Record Industrial Brushes Ltd. Overview