Recovered Commodity Ltd

Recovered Plastics Limited aspire to become the UK leader in the recovered plastic market.

Specialising in:
Recovered Plastics Limited will actively participate in the diversion of plastic away from landfill to the recycling stream.

The Government, local authorities, businesses, schools, households and individuals all wish to apply the principle of Reduce, Re-use and Recycle for plastic and a huge amount of money has already been spent in starting to make this happen. The reality is that more not less packaging will be created over the coming years* and with the associated landfill taxes rising, now is the time to look at your current waste plastic and turn this into recovered plastic.

Recovered Plastics Limited was borne from a logistical background and will apply this skill and knowledge to the benefit of the recycling industry and to the people and institutions that do not wish to leave this challenge to the next generation..

Recovered Commodity Ltd Overview