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The Artificial Bamboo's are perfect for adding an Oriental theme to a room or restaurant. The Artificial Palm Trees are an unobtrusive plant that will add a touch of greenery to hallways and hotels. The bamboos are made using real bamboo canes, no plastic stems are used, this makes them a very authentic replica plant and a firm favourite among interior designers.

Artificial Office Plants

Red Hot Plants have easy solutions to solve your office plant problems. Real plants usually die in offices due to neglect or the wrong enviroment, and rather strangely they never seem to be moved on, leaving clients wondering if they can't look after a plant, how can I possibly give them my business? With our artificial office plants, it is problem solved, they are premium quality, certainly not tacky or distasteful, cleaners are often known to water them and most important, our artificial plants will look good for years to come.

Artificial Trees

Large choice of high quality Artificial Trees from 3ft to 16ft in height. Many replica trees available, including Ficus Trees, Silver Birch, Acers, Olive and artificial Bay Trees. All our made to a very high standard with intricately cut leaves and real wood is used for the stems and branches.

The trees are used in work-places and office to add interest and a focal point to a room. They are an ideal choice for offices where real plants are often neglected. The artificial trees we sell are premium quality not cheap replicas and designed to enhance and enrich a work place.

Artificial Outdoor Plants

A great range of Artificial Outdoor Plants and Trees that are suitable for use outside. Not every artificial plant is suitable for outdoors, we have sourced a great range of Exotic and Topiary Plants that are great for outdoor use. Dress doorways and enhance patios and roof terraces from this range.

Artificial Topiary Plants

Please follow the link to a selection of  replica Topiary Trees that are perfect for dressing a doorway and bringing attention to entrances. All are formal, choose from Boxwood Balls, Spirals or Cones. Often the Artificial Topiary Plants are sold in pairs so we have a special offer on many of our products for 2.  Also found on this page is our range of premium quality Artificial Hedges.

Contract Range for Office Solutions

In this section we are targeting the quick fix office solution. When you just want an artificial tree for a room already planted in the correct planter, so all you have to do is postition. We have a choice here of ready planted trees, all premium quality, including a stunning Aralia Tree, artificial Bamboo, Palms and Olive Trees. They are perfect as artificial office plants, using in show-rooms or in foyers and will look great for years to come

Artificial Flowering Trees

A range of beautiful flowering trees, including fake Cherry Blossom Trees, Wisteria, Rose Trees, Camellia and Lavender Plants. The artificial Flowering Trees are often used to enhance a wedding venue or reception room. Our most popular trees for weddings are the Rose Trees which come in a standard shape and are available in red, white or pink. The Blossom Trees are made bespoke by us, they are available in pink or cream and are made with real wood trunks for complete authenticity.

Free Delivery

Most of the UK is covered by our Free Delivery service, there is a small charge to the Highlands and Northern Ireland, but where possible there is no charge.

Artificial House Plants

Premium quality artificial house plants. There are some terrible replicas out there, but rest assured our artificial house plants will not look tacky, in fact they are so good that we know cleaners and house sitters often water them. Choose from artificial Cheese Plants, Crotons, Dracaenas and Rubber Plants to name a few. Each one is made with great attention to leaf detail and real wood stems.

Artificial Bonsai

A new range of premium quality Artificial Bonsai. The Bonsai Tree makes an unusual table top or desk display, we have a small range available including Acers, Pine and Cedar Bonsai Trees. All are made to a very high standard, they are ideal for spa's, places of relaxation and well-being centres.

Trade Discounts

We welcome trade enquiries and on larger orders we can offer a trade discount. Please phone or email us your requirements and we will see what we can do.

Artificial Boxwood Hedges

We have a range of Artificial Boxwood Hedges that are perfect for dividing sections, replacing window boxes, adding privacy, a true myriad of uses. Each hedge is made bespoke to order using premium quality boxwood mats on a treated wooden frame. They are very true to life, each mat is 5cm deep, has two-tone foliage and miniature seed-heads for added interest and authenticity. Choose from having your Artificial Hedge set in a stylish black fibreglass trough on a plinth or with legs to stake in the ground.  We can also make up to your own specifications, please email across your sizes.

Dividing Plant Screens

Our Artificial Ficus Screens and Artificial Bamboo Screens are perfect for dividing rooms and giving semi-privacy in offices and restaurants. There is nothing to do, they are sold ready made all set and bonded in black fibreglass troughs.

Artificial Bamboo and Palm Trees

The Artificial Bamboo's are perfect for adding an Oriental theme to a room or restaurant. The Artificial Palm Trees are an unobtrusive plant that will add a touch of greenery to hallways and hotels. The bamboos are made using real bamboo canes, no plastic stems are used, this makes them a very authentic replica plant and a firm favourite among interior designers.

Artificial Bay Trees

The Artificial Bay Trees have been a popular choice for company doorways for many years. Unfortunately over the years many suppliers have been selling cheap and tacky imitations, rest assured Red Hot Plants don't sell anything but the best quality. Our artificial bay trees have a real wood trunk, not painted, plastic or stained green, natural leaves that aren't plastic and hundreds of artificial bay berries for added authenticity.

Artificial Spiky Plants

The spiky plants are very contemporary, simple lines and dramatic leaves. They are perfect to add a touch of the unusual. It is also worth pointing out that if you are buying for a public place that the Artificial Pandanus Plants have a slightly serrated edge, so not nice for little fingers to touch or pull apart! Another bonus is they are suitable for outdoor use, so perfect for patios, roof-top terraces and garden designs.

Artificial Exotic Plants

Here we have a range of exotic plants that include the artificial Bird of Paradise and Orchid displays. Tropical plants are notoriously difficult to grow and flower, so cheat just a little with our range of high quality artificial plants, we are positive no-one will know. The plants certainly add a bit of the wow factor to rooms, and make a wonderful talking point in reception and waiting rooms.

Potting and Setting Service

We take the worry and hassle out of choosing a planter for your artificial plant or tree. We offer a planting service where your chosen artificial tree or plant is set in a stylish planter then top-dressed with bonded slate to complete the look. Office and shop fitters have found this a perfect solution, as nothing needs doing when your goods arrive.

Artificial Boxwood Balls - Topiary

The balls are available in 30cm, 38cm, 45cm, 53cm, 59cm, 64cm and a huge 75cm diameter.

 Our artificial topiary boxwood balls are made from top-grade boxwood, with two-tone green plastic foliage that  has miniature seed heads, for added interest and authenticity. We have seven sizes available, from your average sizes right up to a gigantic round ball at 75cm across. All our topiary balls are suitable for outdoor use.

A popular choice is to have the boxwood balls set in the planters, exactly like our image, we ensure there is then nothing to do apart from position your replica boxwood ball display in your doorway.

Artificial Hanging Baskets

Artificial Hanging Baskets are a simple solution for many offices, hotels and restaurants. Real hanging baskets are often placed out of reach and forgotten to water and maintain. Artificial hanging baskets offer an easy yet striking alternative, ours are made to order using wicker baskets filled with either geraniums, pansies or fuchsias. Each has fake ivy tumbling over the sides and either a conifer or a fake phormium is central to the display. Surprisingly good, the artificial hanging baskets are weighted and suitable for outdoor use.

Best - seller! Artificial Rosemary Spiral

Topiary always looks dramatic and our best selling artificial Rosemary Spiral will certainly make a great impact. The foliage is very bushy in an attractive deep shade of green. Use in pairs for dressing doorways or entrance halls. Made with strong, weather resistant materials, so ideal for outdoor use all year round. Now available in either 3ft or 4ft high, your clients will be delighted with this very realistic artificial spiral tree. At Christmas time it looks stunning when lit with twinkly lights, the rest of the year it is a very formal topiary plant, guiding your clients towards your company entrance.

Artificial Blossom Trees

The artificial Cherry Blossom Trees are very beautiful, we make them to order using real wood stems and hundreds of cherry blossom flowers in either cream or pink. They are very popular for weddings and function rooms, we also sell them to wedding fayres where they draw attention towards individual stands.

Artificial Parlour Palm Tree

This pretty little artificial palm plant is available in 2 heights, 4ft or 5ft high. It is well made with lush foliage and reed stems. Perfect for an unobtrusive splash of green in a room, perfect for awkward corners, hiding wires etc.

Artificial Cedar Conifer Tree

This beautiful Cedar Pine Conifer, also known as the Cypress Pine is very authentic. It is made of soft, feathery plastic leaves, making it suitable to use as an outdoor tree. It makes an interesting alternative to artificial topiary trees for dressing an entrance, a little less flash, the conifer is more subtle and unobtrusive. The shape of the artificial conifer is very natural, available at either 5ft or 6ft high.

Artificial Ficus Trees

Our range of fake Ficus Trees are made to such a high standard it is hard to believe they aren't real. Each one is individually made to order in our workshop. The trunks are real wood and you have a choice of green or variegated leaf. They are a perfect artificial tree for using indoors in offices and work-places and have proved very popular. Choose from standard Ficus Benjamina Trees, Cane Ficus or our bushy Premium Ficus.

Artificial Pandanus Plants

The dramatic leaves of the Pandanus are elongated and serrated. Use this striking display around the swimming pool, on patios and decking or anywhere that you wish to create a hot, tropical atmosphere. This spiky artificial plant is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The artificial Pandanus plant is available in 2 sizes 90cm and 140cm high and 2 colours, green or burgundy.

Artificial Buxus Topiary Tower

We have a range of Artificial Outdoor Plants and the Buxus Tower is just one of them, they are stunning and just perfect for dressing doorways and entrances. Made with real wooden trunks and thousands of dense buxus style leaves in plastic. The Topiary Towers work very well in pairs, so we have a special offer available for two.

Artificial Wisteria Trees

A choice of either purple or cream wisterias, they are perfect for adding year round interest and colour to a room. Every artificial wisteria has large drooping blooms and a real wood lliana trunk. They are quite a large tree, the sizing being very generous, they are also quite attractively priced and will not blowe the budget.

Artificial Dracaena Reflexa Plant

A really striking artificial office or house plant. The subtle striping on the leaves of the Dracaena Reflexa give it a modern touch. An interior designers favourite. Available at 5ft high or 6ft high, it is perfect for awkward room corners and perhaps for hiding unsightly wires.

Artificial Topiary - Buxus Spiral

The Buxus range of artificial plants are perfect for using to enhance the entrance to a restaurant, office or your home. Use this beautiful topiary spiral in pairs to dress doorways and create the right first impression. Available at 4ft and 5ft high, the buxus spiral has a real wood trunk and hundreds of bushy buxus type leaves.

White and Purple Pansy Hanging Basket

A large artificial hanging basket display. An evergreen is central, surrounded by white and purple pansies with trailing ivy to finish off the arrangement. Sold in an attractive wicker basket and suitable for outdoor use.

Artificial Trees - Red Acer

A tall beautifully shaped ornamental tree with attractively cut burgundy leaves and real wood stems. Known as a Japanese Acer or Maple tree it is priced attractively and is not an expensive tree. The artificial red acer is available at 5ft high.

Artificial Palm Plant

The Artificial Areca Palm Tree  is a very popular choice for hotel lobby's, restaurants and foyers. Use this versatile palm with uplighters to create wonderful curving shadows on the walls.

Artificial Bird of Paradise (strelitzia)

If your clients requirement is an artificial plant that's unusual and exotic looking, then the Bird of Paradise will tick every box. Also known as a Strelitzia plant it is available in 2 sizes each with orange flower spikes growing upwards from large tropical leaves. Perfect for Spa's, health centres and conservatory show-rooms.

Artificial Aralia Tree

The Aralia is a beautiful tree, made to order at our workshop, it is stunning with it's deep red leaves and real wood trunk. Your clients will not be disappointed with an artificial tree as good looking as this. It works at it's very best when placed against a neutral coloured wall, where the red leaves will lift an uninspiring room.

Artificial Olive Tree

The Olive Tree is perfect for bringing a taste of the Mediterranean to a restaurant. It is perfect to use in Greek restaurants and Spanish Tapa's bars. The artificial olive tree even has lifelike imitaion olives hanging from it's branches, you can just imagine your customers sat around it sipping wine in the afternoon.

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