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Here at Reekie Machining Ltd we specialise in the supply and manufacture of portable machine tools. Since 1947 we have been able to design and manufacture bespoke portable machine tools to meet your individual requirements. We have an excellent team of experienced and skilled craftsmen who can assist you with machining services including turning, milling, boring, cutting and welding.

Sub Contract Machining

We offer a wide range of sub contract machining services for all industry sectors including: 

  • Oil and gas exploration and production
  • Petrochemical and pharmaceutical
  • Power generation (Gas, Oil, Coal and Nuclear)
  • Shipbuilding and ship repair
  • Engineering construction
  • Process industries including steel and aluminium
  • Pipeline installers and operators

We can provide sub contract machining, using only experienced engineers, to major industries such as power, construction and petrochemicals.

In Situ Machining (On Site)

We are able to provide you with in situ machining (on site) on land, offshore and at sea through our highly experienced machinists who have done the job for at least 13 years. We are able to carry out in situ machining (on site) which includes laser alignment, pipe cutting, boring, weld prepping, screw cutting and tapping.

Portable Machine Tools

Reekie Machining is an acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of highly specialised portable machine tools for use in in-situ machining operations, taking the Reekie Machining name to every corner of the globe. We hold an extensive stock of machine tools for sale or hire, with all designs accessible through our CAD database, enabling modifications and 3D modelling for tried and tested tools.

Our highly specialist team designs and manufactures one-off tools, providing complete traceability for all manufactured parts and adding further security to the process.

Metrology on Site Surveys

Reekie are able to offer you metrology on site surveys alongside our other services. Our metrology on site surveys are carried out using the latest laser equipment and our expert machinists. We are continually investing and developing the business so that we can offer complete machining services.

Portable Measurement

A combination of state of the art equipment, traditional methods and an eye for detail, Reekie Machining offer an accurate and reliable portable measuring service. Our metrology service includes Faro laser tracker and Faro Prime CMM portable arm and can provide:

• Flatness, roundness, shaft and bore alignment checks

• Pre and post machining surveys

• Production of Dimensional Control Reports

• Worldwide service available 365 days a year

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