Reel Lifter

The "H Lifter"reel lifter, has been developed specifically for the handling of reels in the horizontal position, either for transport within the production process, assembly of the reel pack or safe unpacking of the reels for further processing.

This manual reel lifting equipment is provided with a rapid width adjustment and locking mechanism for the collection of reels of varying widths. The automatic self centring of the reel lifter ensures a well balanced and secure load.

Effective Reel Lifter

"H Lifter",  is the effective reel lifter for the manual handling of horizontal reels

 The modular design, allows the H Lifter, reel lifter, to be specified to handle reels of all widths and diameters with loads from as little as 20kg to 3000kg and may be hung from any existing hoist or crane system.

This new reel handler, was designed and is manufactured by Continental Polymers Limited (CPL) in the UK.

Reel Lifter Overview