Regal Rubber Partnership LLP


Established in the early 1980s, we have been operating and manufacturing from our base in Fife for many years and have grown into a leader of roller covering in the rubber goods sector.

Our customer base and roller covering services stretch across the UK and worldwide. They benefit from our team of committed technical expert and the expanse of polymer based products.

The areas of industry we have provided for include the paper industry, oil, marine and gas, rubber linings, and renewable energy.

General Rubber Lining Services

Our general rubber lining services are all based around polymer chemistry and engineering. Our plant in Fife specialises in rubber-to-metal bonding and rubber and polyurethane roller covering.

Our general rubber lining services also include tank lining. The services are carried out in house to ensure our strict quality control is upheld. We also offer bespoke mouldings of RTV silicone and polyurethane to be used in an array of industrial applications.

General Rubber Lining Services

Areas of Expertise

Our areas of expertise and products include anti-vibration systems, roller covering, rubber belting and new bowed roll and repair.

Our areas of expertise also consist of compression moulding services and the production of rubber linings and tank linings.

Areas of Expertise
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