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REID Lifting potable aluminium lifting systems are designed to be lightweight and innovative. We strive to develop and manufacture safe lifting equipment for a variety of environments, such as corrosive waste water treatment. We also design a variety of riding applications.

REID Lifting mobile aluminium lifting systems are in accordance with EN795 Class B 1997, CE marked, and compliant with all current regulatory requirements including PUWER, Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998. We are also certified to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:1999, as well as being a full member of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association.

Our range of lifting systems includes the PORTA-GANTRY, a range of lightweight and portable aluminium gantries. They are finished with an anodised surface and suitable for use in clean atmospheres. Mobile gantry systems are easy to assemble and feature adjustable height and span capabilities. Their lightweight aluminium system has an operating radius of 800-1200mm and WLL 500kg.

Lightweight Rapidly Deployable Gantry

PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE- The easy to transport, mobile lifting gantry. PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE adds exciting new dimensions to the PORTA-GANTRY family, as a unique rapid deployment system with goods and personal lifting (man-ride) capability with full EN795 Class B certification.

The PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE has been specifically developed for such applications to provide additional capability and safer use in confined space and work at height applications, with its wide range of goods and personnel lifting capabilities.

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Portable Storage Solution

PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE STOW 'n' GO- A storage container that protects the RAPIDE during shipping, with built-in rails for forklift use or carrying and optional wheels for transporting wheelbarrow fashion. It is an ideal option for hire companies regularly moving systems around the country, for engineers carrying systems in their vans with easy end access to the aluminium gantry crane, no matter the tools around it or for orderly storage within a depot/warehouse environment.

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Portable Lightweight Aluminium Gantry

The REID Lifting PORTA-GANTRY is a portable lightweight aluminium gantry cranes system. They can safely lift up to 5000kg, with manual assembly on just four bolts. They assemble in just a few minutes and have Personnel Lifting EN795, Class B man-ride capability.

Innovative and safe, our portable lightweight aluminium gantry systems are very and strong. They are the number one choice for organisations seeking safe, multiple location lifting solutions and a healthy return on investment.

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Jib Crane Davit Arm- Lightweight And Portable

Our range of mobile portable lifting equipment includes our PORTA-DAVIT WLL 500kg a lightweight two piece, bagged Davit Jib crane system weighing only 24kg fully assembled. These Jib cranes are the ideal portable lifting equipment because their lightweight, aluminium structure gives them a one person 'pick up and go' solution. They can be easily transported by hand to any site.

The PORTA-DAVIT 1000 further extends the PORTA-DAVIT CRANE family of jib cranes with WLL 1000kg lifting capability for goods, bringing additional factor of safety margins for situations where safety is paramount, such as wastewater treatment applications.

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Jib Crane Base

PORTA-BASE is a flexible, portable socket base for the PORTA-DAVIT 500kg jib crane system with goods and personnel lifting capability. The ultimate in convenience, it removes any need for a fixed socket installation, allowing users to take advantage of the PORTA-DAVIT’s WLL 500kg or WLL 120kg for personnel lifting.

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Lightweight Crane Systems

Our lightweight crane systems include the T-DAVIT custom designed Davit crane with WLL to 500kg and radius to 2000mm, 360 degrees rotation and under finger tip control for those challenging locations.

Lightweight crane systems are ideal for over reach or confined space applications where creative design and engineering is required to solve the lifting challenge. REID Lifting’s innovative T-DAVIT is custom designed and manufactured around the specific needs of the individual.

PORTA-BEAM Lifting Beams And Spreader Beams

PORTA lifting beams and spreader beams are part of a lightweight and portable lifting system range with a WLL rating range up to 10,000kgs. The beams have adaptable configurations with provision for one or two upper load attachments points and two or more lower attachments, allowing pick up from an overhead crane, PORTA-GANTRY or fixed gantry beam.

Each PORTA-BEAM has an anodised finish as standard with carry handles attached for manual lifting. They are available with a variety of standard configurations, as well as customised lengths, WLL ratings and lifting points. If you are looking for a lightweight solution to your lifting challenge, contact us today.


REID manufactures a range of supporting products to accompany its core range, each of which is tested to the required WLL of the product it is designed to work with. For example, our standard sockets, sleeves and socket extensions for the PORTA-DAVIT and T-DAVIT product families are tested and certified to WLL 500kg for the PORTA-DAVIT 500 and T-DAVIT 500 and to WLL 1000kg for the PORTA-DAVIT 1000. PORTA-DAVIT 500 sockets will NOT support the PORTA-DAVIT 1000 davit family. Customised sockets can be developed for specialist requirements.

PORTA-QUAD Lifting Frames

PORTA-QUAD lifting frames are ultra lightweight, fast to assemble and perfectly designed for moving heavy submersible pumps. PORTA-QUAD lifting frames are easily carried, assembled and used by just one person, saving time, manpower and related expense.

The PORTA-QUAD design adds significant stability and safety factors to the traditional tripod systems and can be used in a diversity of water and waste water treatment sectors, as well as elsewhere. With a greater ‘safe footprint’ than a tripod, the PORTA-QUAD has a large operating zone for lifting and putting down.

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