Reinle Gummi & Kunststoff GmbH


Ideas in good hands.

We have been delivering tailor-made solutions to our partners from industrial technology, the automotive sector and the electrical industry for many years. By implementing the most modern manufacturing methods and technologies and using our flexibility, speed and skill, coupled with the commitment of all our employees, we produce technical parts from rubber and plastic based on your ideas and requirements.

Reinle Gummi & Kunststoff GmbH

We manufacture and process for you:

- punched parts - profiles - moulded parts - acrylic finished parts - plastics - elastomers - cellular materials - acrylic glass

We deliver technical construction products to you:

- expanding foam for fitting, heat insulation and noise insulation measures - silicon for special applications - glazing tapes - cork protector pads

Reinle Gummi & Kunststoff GmbH
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