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Our extensive ranges of door closers are designed for regular use with little maintenance and extremely long life cycles. Our range of door closers have been used for many years in schools, hospitals, churches, stadia, and an array of corporate buildings.

We supply heavy duty door closers with power adjusting mechanisms. They adjust to meet the power and condition of the opening force and are CE marked with fire ratings. The majority of our closers are described as universal mounting, which means they can be mounted in any position on the door, push side, pull side, top jamb and a parallel arm. They are available with an all weather, thermally stable hydraulic fluid which will accommodate temperatures down to -34oC without requiring closer adjustment.

Our range also includes universal door closers with a regular arm and slim plastic cover and concealed door closers for exterior and interior doors, suited for hollow metal or timber doors and frame. We also have a series of sentronic hold open door closers and high security door closers. Our pneumatically powered door operators are suited for a diversity of applications and offer reliable and quiet operation.

Our special solutions include:

  • Relcross modified solutions which are designed to address specific applications where additional brackets and/or shaped arms may be required to overcome difficult door details and decorative trim
  • Proven solutions for extra heavy doors, available to special order
  • Most special solutions incorporate the flexible 4040 series cylinder with genuine 'modified' LCN parts
  • Certification may be an issue with modified products
  • Please consult Relcross before final specification

Keylex Mechanical Digital Locks

Keylex mechanical digital locks have been part of the Relcross product portfolio for many years.  During this time we have developed the range offering reliable security at 4 different levels:

  • Heavy Duty/High Security - Keylex 2100
  • Standard Duty/High Security - Keylex 700
  • Standard Duty/Medium Security - Keylex 800
  • Standard Duty/Low Security - Keylex 500

All our mechanical digital locks incorporate robust proven lock cases and latches and are designed for doors where authorised users are issued with a common code.

These digital locks can also be adapted to co-ordinate with Von Duprin panic exit devices, along with other popular push bar devices and also with the Adams Rite 4720 mortice dead latch.

Keylex Mechanical Digital Locks

Escape Hardware

We stock a wide scope of escape hardware manufactured by Von Duprin. These devices have optimum strength and meet or surpass the requirements and objectives of specifiers and end users alike.. The installation of this type of escape hardware helps to reduce maintenance bills and improve life safety.

Our escape hardware is:

  • CE marked
  • Withstands very heavy usage over long periods
  • Provides an exceptional level of security
  • Has assured relocking after every operation
  • Meets all safety requirements
  • Is 100 percent reliable

The Von Duprin range consists of many series and models suitable for high traffic environments, with single point locking and narrow styles. The electric strikes series provide remote release of locked doors and have superior fail safe options. These locks will perform well combined with other door hardware and has been proven to work in the most challenging security environments and panic escape situations.

The Von Duprin range of escape hardware can also be combined with the Keylex range of mechanical digital locks, also from Relcross, providing secure access and passage on internal and external doors.

Escape Hardware

Waterless Urinals

Relcross Waterless urinals are manufactured by Falcon, one of the leading and most innovative manufacturers of waterless urinals in the world.  Falcon waterless urinals offer many benefits to the facilities that use them.  As well as saving water and energy, Waterless urinals provide more hygienic, odour-free washrooms. They also offer significant carbon savings due to the fact that no potable water (which is water that has been captured, stored, pumped, purified and transported) is used.

The main benefits are derived from several features. These include such things as:

  • Faster installation – there is no need for a water supply or flushing mechanism. All that is required is a drainage outlet and approximately an hour for the installation.
  • Reduced energy costs – you will save 100% in water charges and also a reduction in sewerage charges.
  • Each Falcon waterless urinal will save up to 150 000 litres of water per annum.  Falcon waterless urinals already save some 50 billion litres of water world wide annually.
  • Reduced maintenance costs – the periodic changing of the waterless cartridge, along with the same standard cleaning process associated with conventional urinals is all that is required. As there is no flushing mechanism used there is no maintenance of stuck valves, damaged pipes to and from a cistern or maintenance of any of the side effects caused by hard water running through sewage lines, i.e. the build up of hard lime scale deposits that often lead to blockages or the replacement of pipe work.
  • No messy leaks from the water supply - a small steady leak from a cistern can waste up to 227000 litres of water per annum. Water you are paying for.
  • Improved washroom hygiene - waterless urinals are in the region of 500 times more hygienic than conventional 'waste water' urinals.  This is because the surface of the urinal is either dry or drying and bacteria cannot survive on a dry surface.
  • Odour free washrooms as there is no mixing of urine and water, one of the by-products of which is ammonia gas.
  • Fewer opportunities for vandalism - as there are no exposed pipes or cisterns there is very little for a vandal to attack.

The heart of the system is the patented waterless cartridge which provides odour free operation and easy maintenance.  Each cartridge lasts approximately 7000 uses before it needs replacement.  The trap also acts as a trap for uric sediment which would otherwise contribute to drain blockages.  The net result is a washroom with a much more pleasant atmosphere which costs less to run and is less likely to be a target for vandals.

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Waterless Urinals

Automatic Door Operator

An automatic door opener will allow building owners, architects and designers to integrate entrances addressing the demands of the Equalities Act and provide proficient disabled access.

Our automatic door opener devices are low energy and operate based upon electronic, pneumatic and electro-mechanical technologies. Automatic door operators can be switched on both automatically or manually and are available with appropriate safety sensors to suit the requirements of installation.

Automatic Door Operator

Anti Ligature

Our anti ligature hardware for doors is designed for use in premises where the protection and security of its occupants is of the utmost importance. Our anti ligature hardware provides a combination of safe and secure properties and is suitable for installation in care homes, prisons, young offender institutions, psychiatric hospitals, and detention centres.

Anti ligature design reduces the possibility of self-inflicted injury while still providing easy usage and optimum security. We strive to create systems to comply with the vigorous guidelines. We also supply the Bradley Corporation's range of commercial washroom equipment suited to secure units. Their range of soap dishes, tissue holders and clothes hooks are all manufactured from a durable stainless steel. Accessories are chase-mounted and front-mounted with security fasteners and a further selection of anti ligature grab bars and hooks.

Anti Ligature

Hinges And Pivots

Hinges and pivots are essential components for door fixings and prevent doors from dropping and causing damage to the door and frame. We have a wide range of hinges and pivots to suit a range of sizes and weights of doors, depending on the level of traffic passing through the doors.

We have a wealth of experience and are able to advice on many differing types of fixings suitable for your specific requirement. Our range includes concealed bearing, CE marked stainless steel hinges with 'Lifestan' bearing systems available in satin or polished finishes.


We also offer ratchet adjusting spring hinges and companion hinges to reduce opportunities for vandalism. These have a lifetime warranty. Our ranges also consist of stainless steel full mortice hinges, Pemko continuous geared hinges, and a selection of emergency door hardware, including emergency stops and compatible door pivots.

Hinges And Pivots

Toilet Partitions and Lockers

We offer toilet partitions and lockers for modern washrooms in a combination of styles offering durability and value for money

Our toilet partitions and lockers are manufactured by Hadrian manufacturing in North America. These systems have been used extensively in the UK and North America in stadia, schools, industrial settings and public places; from Asda warehouses to The Shard. Hadrian also manufacture an extensive range of  corridor and athletic lockers, offering excellent solutions for environments like schools and sport centres.

Hadrian Cubicles and Lockers are manufactured from galvanized or stainless steel and are constructed in such a way as to make them extremely strong, robust and vandal resistant.  There is also an extensive standard colour range as well as stainless steel finish.  Any RAL colour is also an option. For more info visit

Toilet Partitions and Lockers

Door Seals

Over the last few years, we have seen the vital importance of door seals as a way to protect lives and improve environments in and out of buildings. We introduced Pemko weathstripping products into the UK in 1987. We now provide a range of door seals including smoke, acoustic and weather seals. The Pemko range consists of over 300 aluminium extrusions designed for a variety if applications to help overcome many traditional architectural issues.

We supply thresholds and door shoes to provide excellent sealing against weather, draught and smoke. Weather seals can be applied in self adhesive strips and include jamb, head and drop seals options for commercial use. We also provide the Pemko series of security door seals products like ramp systems, security drop seals and astragals.

Door Seals

Access Control and Accessories

We provide a range of access control and accessories to provide successful access solutions, especially when used in combination with other door hardware. Access control and accessories also need regular maintenance to keep them in full working performance.

We understand the need to combine access control solutions and have a wide portfolio of products to help give customers the best, compatible systems. Our range includes electromagnetic locks and electromechanical locks.

We also offer a series of switches and push buttons including:

  • Touch sensitive
  • Actuators
  • Push buttons
  • Key switches
  • Bespoke products can be made to special order
Access Control and Accessories

Power Supplies And Timers

Our range of power supplies and timers provide flexible access control systems and can help to regulate output current and prevent fuse overload. We supply standard duty 12V DC power supplies, featuring fire relay, operating LED indicators and fault warning LED indicators on the circuit board.

Our standard industry 24V DC power supplies offer voltage regulated features and voltage free fire relay contacts. We also supply heavy duty 12V and 24V DC power supplies and battery back up power supply designed for escape hardware.

Our power supplies and timers also include transformers designed for use with low voltage electromagnetic hold open door closers, and our timers and relays can be integrated with 12 and 24V DC power supplies to complement a variety of access control solutions.

Power Supplies And Timers

Locks and Bolts

Our comprehensive range of locks and bolts include heavy duty mortice locks with replaceable breakaway spindles designed to prevent vandalism and damage to lever trim.

They are also available in cylindrical options and the functions of this type of lock include:

  • L9010 - Passage latch
  • L9040 - Bed/bathroom privacy lock
  • L9070 - Classroom lock
  • L9080 - Storeroom lock
  • L9080EL - Electrically locked (fail safe)
  • L9080EU - Electrically locked (fail secure)

Our lock and bolts also include a range of industry leading deadbolts designed to cope with heavy duty commercial use and cylindrical locks designed with easy function and durability in mind. Flush bolts are supplied for either wood or metal doors and matched to dust-proof strikes to reduce cleaning.

Locks and Bolts
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