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Relec Electronics Ltd based in Wareham, Dorset was established in 1978 to provide unique support & products to the electronics industry. Keeping to this philipsophy we work in specific fields providing the highest level of expertise to our clients.

Both our technical & sales support are qualified engineers, committing themselves to ensure all aspects of our services are met and exceedes the high expectation of the industry.

Having an aerospace background means we have been one of the first companies in the industry to be ISO9002 in 1991, achieving this in house without the use of consultants.

DC DC Converter

DC DC converters has been integrated as part of Relec Electronics portfolio since 1978.

Having a vast amount of experience on DC DC converters means we can provide invaluable support & advice, saving you effort, money and time.

Our DC DC converters have power ranges from 1 to 500w, with the input range ranging from 3 to 400v and the voltages starting from 0.8v upwards. 

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DC DC Converter

AC DC Converters

AC DC converters are one of the key components in the majority of electronic equipment and powered electrical. We can supply a vast range of  AC DC converters:

  • 5w plugtop
  • PCB mounting device
  • Battery backed
  • Standby systems

We also provide a variety of chassis mounting converters which includes dual, single & quad output industry standard modules. We also provide a huge range of configurable AC DC converters from 300W to 2kW in output power.

We can provide you with indepth technical advice on a vast range of bespoke AC DC converters for:

  • Power Over
  • Medical
  • Din Rail
  • Ethernet
AC DC Converters

Power Supply Switch Mode

Power supplies are essential assets to the majority of our electronic/electrical systems. We can offer you a massive range of power supplies suiting benign & severe applications.

We can provide you with the most invaluable support & technical advice which in turn saves you money, time and effort.

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Power Supply Switch Mode

Desktop Power Supplies

We stock & supply a vast range of desktop power supply modules from 30w to 200w for dispatchment.

All our desktop power supplies have a range of DC barrel connectors. We also provide desktop power supplies with:

  • C6
  • C8
  • C14 IEC inlets

If your having problems choosing the correct optimum desktop power supply for your application we can provide you with technical back up.

Desktop Power Supplies

Silicone Rubber Keypads

We provide a range of silicone rubber keypad products for electronic applications.

Silicone Rubber Keypads:

  • Calculators
  • Computer keyboards
  • Remote controls
  • Organisers
  • Translators

And: Two way radio, Cordless phones, Cellular phones. We also have a range of diverse applications.

Silicone Rubber Keypads

Metallic Keyboards and Keypads

We provide a vast range of:

If you cant find what you want or would like more information please contact our sales office.

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Metallic Keyboards and Keypads

Mechanical Switches

Our large range of mechanical switches is aimed at vandal proof applications and harsh environments. You have the option of purchasing our switches with IP69 sealing, wide temperatures and illumination.

Our large selection of numeric & alpha-numeric keypads & piezo switches are aimed at harsh & vandal proof applications.

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Mechanical Switches

Piezo - Vandal Proof Switches

Our vast range of piezo switches is aimed at harsh environments & vandal proof applications. You can purchase our piezo switches with or without IP69 sealing, illumination & wide temperature ranges which is brilliant for applications enduring exposure of high dirt & grime levels like:

  • Food Processing
  • Commercial Cooking
  • Transportation

For more information on Piezo - Vandal Proof Switches

Piezo - Vandal Proof Switches


We offer a wide variety of PCB mounting common mode & linear chokes for a range of applications. 

If you have EMC or RFI problem then we can help you resolve it by using state of the art technology as well as years of experience. We can advise you on a range of saturating chokes, linear and inductors for storage and filtering applciations.

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