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Here at Reliability Solutions, we pride ourselves in providing a wide range of solution-based training plus applications-based consultancy. Reliability consultancy is designed to assist electronic manufacturers realise world class standards in the shortest possible time at the lowest cost.

Reliability Improvement Training

We provide innovative reliability improvement training Our improvement training is designed to help you understand the most effective and most efficient methods of reliability stress testing to provide a focused approach to ongoing reliability improvement and control.

Reliability Improvement Training

Reliability Self Assessment

We assist with reliability self assessment as the only way to truly assess your own ability to produce world class reliability. Reliability self assessment is a model to give you a very concise measurement of your company's ability to produce reliable product.

Reliability Self Assessment

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

FMEA stands for ‘Failure Mode and Effect Analysis.' Our advanced failure mode and effect analysis is a systematic method of looking forward to avoid problems, defects, issues with new designs and new products entering manufacture.

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

Accelerated Life Testing

Accelerated Life Testing is a fundemental part of electronic product reliability improvement , Reliability Solutions will provide most effective and most cost efficient approach for your products which will provide suitable data for Failure Rate Prediction

Design Quality Testing

Design Quality and Design Quality testing are fundamental to High Reliability, Design Maturity calculation is an excellent way to measure the Design Quality during the product development stage, the Reliability Solutions model has been applied successfully across many product types in a range of electronic manufacturers to drive improved Design Quality and Reliability

GAP Analysis

Why not have Reliability Solutions apply their 30 yrs experience in reliability improvement perform a detailed Gap Analysis in your company to define the weakest areas affecting your product reliability and provide solutions to drive down customer failure rates. A Gap Analysis study is provided via a detailed executive report with summary of improvement solutions and expected improvemen t level to enable target setting for improvement projects 

Failure Rate Prediction

Failure Rate Prediction is a key role of the reliability engineer and is a critical part of their job . Using data from Accelerated Testing allows the engineer to make stistical predictions of the expected failure rate. Reliability Solutions provides support to clients to make accurate predictions from uniquely designed accelerated life testing 

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