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Reliance Pattern making was incorporated in 1961, and has been run in its present format since 1988,we are therefore able to offer a wide range of pattern making processes, all well within our field of experience, which adds up to many man hours.

We are a small company and are able to offer a personal service so as to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Our CAD CAM department allows us to combine the latest technology alongside conventional skills

Foundry Pattern Tooling

Anything from a simple one off wood, flat backpattern to the most complex motor engine parts such as cylinder heads and manifolds developed using our CAD dept see CAD CAM.

Although not manufactured in house we are able to supply castings in most metals.

Polyurethane Foam Tooling

Tools for all types of mouldings, armrests, grab handles, seat cushions, steering wheels and wheel arch protectors.

Cast aluminium, machined from solid Aluminium Billet or epoxy tooling board using CAD CAM. Heated or ambient depending on your requirements. Prototype foam tooling can be produced for short run components, in a fraction of the time of aluminium tooling.

Vacuum Forming tools & trim jigs

Vacuum forming tools are a speciality, and a wide variety of parts are catered for.

Heavy industrial transit trays, car interior panels to point of sale display, if you want it vacuum formed we can supply both tool and design in Polyurethane board, cast Aluminium, and machined from solid using CAD CAM, temperature controlling pipes can be cast into the back of the Aluminium tools if the production quantities justify the expense.

We will work alongside a designer from his initial concept and produce prototype to full production tooling all with close liason from start to finish.

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Checking fixtures

Complete in house design facility enable complete design and manufacture of a simple prototype guage or complex gap and flush guage.

CAD CAM & 5 axis machining

Once again with the aid of CAD CAM we are very experienced in the manufacture supply of CNC trim fixtures for vac formed parts we can manufacture the fixture, sample and prove out the trim code prior to shipping.

Top end HyperCad Computer aided design and manufacture systems are used by highly skilled operators. A full 3D modelling facility is available and tool or pattern design can be forwarded for approval before the generation of tool paths if required.

Our CAD department can now supply the Vac foming industry with a package to include the NC codes for 5 axis tim cycles generated directly from customer supplied Cad files.

Data can be received in the following formats; CATIA, IGES STL, DXF, DWG, VDA, STEP

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