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We are metal superfinishing specialists. We provide surface refinement or metal superfinishing of machined component surfaces for a range of purposes including for the reduction of friction, increased durability and fatigue resistance. Metal superfinishing also provides improved lubrication characteristics, lower lubricant temperature, increased power density and noise reduction.

With our metal superfinishing services, processes are available as a sub-contract service or for in-house installation, with full process development and technical support provided. REM's patented ISF® Process has been tested, proven, certified, and is FAA approved.

"No matter what your product, ISF® Metal Superfinishing will greatly improve performance, and save time, energy, and money."

Visit our website for further information about the range of metal superfinishing applications for both industrial and decorative markets.

Metal Finishing

Our variety of metal finishing services are extensive. Our complete ISF®­­­ systems are a robust solution for increasing the quality, volume, and reliability of the metal finishing processes at your company.

REM­­­ has been providing turn-key installations to its customers for almost three decades with excellent results.

Metal Finishing

Surface Engineering

For the most comprehensive and professional surface engineering, we provide all of the solutions.

We recognise each and every customer has their own unique needs in utilising the ISF®­­­ Process. As a result, we provide a variety of customisable technical and engineering services to meet these needs.

For more information on our surface engineering or any other service, visit our website.

Surface Engineering

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