Renco Nets Ltd

Renco is over 17 years old and a well-established importer of netting and twine to customer all over the UK as well as export customers. Most of our customers were in the fishing industry, but now we are supplying an increasing number of customers in different industries, which has become more important, due to the decline in our fishing industry.

RENCO NETS’ mission is to be the most successful internet resource for the netting industry, delivering the best possible customer experience. In doing so, Renco will meet customer expectations of:
Highest quality equipment
Competitive pricing
Individual and company accountability
Best-in-class service and support
Financial Stability

We supply bales of netting, made up nets and rope nets

We carry a stock of knotted and knotless in different mesh sizes

We have netting in different colours in stock - green, blue, red, yellow and black

We can supply braided and twisted netting & twine in Polyethlene, Nylon, polyester and Polypropylene.

Renco Nets Ltd Overview