Rencol Components


We have over 85 years experience of designing and providing plastic and metal components. We have teams in China and the USA, as well as in the UK, and have a wealth of knowledge on international component manufacturing.

We are an international producer of plastic knobs and offer a range that includes over 80 types including thumbscrew, knurled, revolving, clamping, star, ball, wing, tristar, scallop, and control and self-assembly knobs.

We provide a comprehensive selection of quality plastic knobs competitively priced and suited to all your requirements and needs.

Clamping Handles and Levers

Our clamping handles and indexing clamping handles are manufactured in thermoplastic and diecast zinc. Manoeuvred by a lift and rotate motion, our clamping handles also come equipped with a ratchet so they can be used in confined spaces.

We have a range of handles and clamping levers to suit a range of global application processes and also offer heavy duty clamping handles and ergonomic curved handles.

Index Plunger and Cam Plunger

Offered with competitive pricing, our positioning plungers, indexing plungers, ball-spring plungers and indexing bolts, are manufactured to suit any requirement worldwide.

They can be supplied with or without rest positions, lift rings or fixing plates.

Levelling Feet

Produced to be used across the world, our adjustable levelling feet can be used as heavy machine feet, on conveyor belts and on many types of furniture.

We offer a list of more than 1,2000 combinations in items manufactured using thermoplastic or stainless steel. We have diecast zinc bases with plated steel threaded rods, threaded insert tubes and anti-slip rubber plates.

Bridge Handles

We manufacture a range of cost-efficient metal and plastic bridge handles ideal for industrial companies in need of  industrial handles and durable pull handles.

Our handles can also be produced in thermoplastic, chrome-plated steel, aluminium, steel or stainless steel.


Our extensive selection of hinges includes adjustable plastic tension hinges and acetal polymer tension plastic hinges.

These hinges can be used on a range of applications such as door hinges and cabinet hinges at excellent prices.

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