Free Render Bead Delivery Information

Free render bead delivery Information

FREE RENDER BEAD DELIVERY for all orders of £200.00 or more.

Orders placed before midday will be delivered by courier on the next working day between 08.30 and 18.00.

We charge a flat fee of £15 per delivery for orders of less than £200.00.

Deliveries are only possible to the UK mainland. If you live outside of the UK mainland please get in touch and we'll see how we can help you.

Colour Render Beads

Colour render beads reduce the maintenance needed to keep your rendered wall looking good. Whilst they can be painted, the best results are achieved by finding a colour that blends well with the render colour you've chosen. 

There are a number of terms used for render that comes in a bag and has a colour other than the materials natural colour. Some of the terms you may recognise are coloured render, through colour render, bagged render, monocouche, K rend, silicone render, Parex or Pral M.

Colour Render Beads

Painted render

When you want an exact colour finish to your façade you can of course use a painted render. This is usually a sand and cement mixture which is painted once the render has dried.

Choosing this option when rendering your house means you have a choice when it comes to render beads because you can either choose a bead that's already coloured or you can chose a bead that's designed to take water based render paint.

Painted render is cheaper than through coloured render.


Whilst it's often cheaper to render using sand and cement and then paint it, you should balance this with the need for maintenance. Painted render will need repainting in time!

Painted render can use render beads that are any colour.

Every bead you order from this section can be painted with a water based render paint so it doesn't matter whether the beads you put on the wall are green, blue, yellow, or any other colour for that matter. We source the beads for this section from companies that make their beads from paintable high quality recycled material. The pack you receive probably won't be the traditional white, but rest assured they will take the paint well and you'll never know what colour they were once they're installed.

Painted render

Render Beads

Render beads or beads for render are used to add strength, definition and function to all rendered surfaces.  

Render beads are used on all parts of a wall to:

  1. terminate render (stop beads)  
  2. carry surface water over features like the damp proof course (drip beads otherwise known as bellcast beads)
  3. add strength and definition to rendered corners (corner beads otherwise known as angle beads)
  4. accommodate movement over different materials, structural expansion joints and where 4-6m of render is applied (expansion beads otherwise known as movement joint beads)
Render Beads

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