Renia Gesellschaft mbH


Renia products have been available in the US for many years, through distributors like Goetz until 2003, and through Petronio Shoe Products in New Jersey after that. Now, it is time to take the next step.

Renia Gesellschaft mbH

Renia USA Inc. was founded on June 30th 2014 and will act as the exclusive importer of Renia products into the US. We would like to thank Petronio Shoe Products for the long and successful cooperation. Renia products will be available from the new warehouse in Norcross, GA, starting from September 1st 2014 – until then or as long as supplies last, they can still be ordered from Petronio's in New Jersey.

The new company will be run by Dr. Rainer Buchholz, son of Heinz Buchholz, the current president and grandson of the orginal founder of Renia GmbH (established in 1930). A true family business, now in its fourth generation!

Our products: industrial glues and adhesives, adhesives (glue) for plastics, metal adhesives, shoe cementing mediums, dispersion adhesives, adhesives for the leather industry, leather mordants

Renia Gesellschaft mbH
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