Renishaw plc


Here at Renishaw, we specialise in the supply of CMM probes. Our CMM probes are precision sensors suitable for fast and accurate acquisition of component dimensions and surface data.

Styli Touch Probes

Our incomparable Styli touch probes and extensive stylus accessories are designed for our CMM, scanning and machine tool probes. Our high quality Styli touch probes are also compatible with an assortment of sensors from other manufacturers.

Machine Tool Probes

Our innovative machine tool probes will assist with reducing your set-up times by up to 90 percent. Our diverse machine tool probes have been designed to improve process control systems.

Laser Calibration and Telescoping Ballbar

Our first-class laser calibration and telescoping ballbar measurement systems provide accurate assessment, monitoring and improvement of the static and dynamic performance of your machine tools. Our specialist laser calibration and telescoping ballbar measurement systems are also suitable for use with co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and other position-critical motion systems.

Gauging Systems

Our new patented Equator™ gauging systems have been designed to be cost effective when it comes to purchase, maintenance and fixture costs. Our advanced gauging systems can be pre-programmed for multiple parts and quickly re-programmed for design changes.

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