Renmar Plastics Machinery Ltd


We are a family run business conveniently located in Northamptonshire with over 35 years experience in the plastics industry. We are proud to be the sole UK distributors for several international manufacturers and using our industry knowledge and our list of carefully selected suppliers we are able to offer a vast and specialised range of both ancillary and machinery equipment to many different industries enabling us to live up to our company motto; Renmar - Responsive, Reliable & Realistic!

We are UK distributors for;

ACS Group
 - consisting of AEC materials handling equipment from water heaters, chillers, oil heaters and also consisting of Cumberland range of granulators and shredders
Virginio Nastri - supplying belt conveyors and carousels and conveyor systems
Marse - supplying loaders, dryers and mould tool descalers
Pulsotronic – supplying metal detectors and metal separators

We are UK agents for;

Amut & Amut Ecotech - market leaders in extrusion and thermoforming lines right through to full recycling and wash plants.


We supply all spare parts for AEC temperature control units such as pressure relief valves, pump seal kits, eurotherm controllers, pressure gauges, solenoid valves, heaters and much much more. We even hold a lot of UK stock so a vast amount of spares are ready to ship via our next day service.

We also supply all spare parts for Cumberland granulators such as spare blades, replacement screens, bolts, washers, door knobs, switches and much much more.

We can provide all spare parts for Virginio Nastri conveyors such as conveyor motors, gear boxes, paddle separator motors and gear boxes, replacement belts and rollers and much much more.

Please contact us for any of your spare parts needs for your AEC, Cumberland or Virginio Nastri equipment.


Mould Heaters
With a variety of models of AEC mould heaters suitable for the smallest moulding machine right through to a 700+ tonne moulding machine. We usually have most units in stock and ready to ship to your door from the Polish distribution centre which can cut down on lead times and transit costs. We also are able to provide all spare parts for the mould heaters and do carry an extensive UK stocking of parts. With prices starting from as little as £1150.00 delivered for a pressurised mould heater you need look no further than Renmar.

Bringing Cumberland granulators to the UK with a vast range of equipment to suit most needs from small sprues right through to large mouldings. The different ranges can cater from 50-100kgs throughput an hour to 900+kgs per hour. We can also supply a full range of spares ranging from new screens, full sets of blades right down to replacement bolts and washers. Lots of granulators are readily available from the Polish distribution centre improving lead times for our customers for this essential equipment.

We supply one of the most vast and unique range of belt conveyors to the UK from Virginio Nastri who are based in Italy. Virginio have been producing quality conveyors for over 35 years and have various different designs from flatbed to swan neck including the patented SAV separator range.

Materials Handling & Storage
We offer a array of materials handling equipment from blenders, hopper loaders, dryers and machine cleaners. The materials handling range is a part of the AEC & Comerical Marse product ranges that we can offer the market.

Hopper Loaders

The Marse hopper loaders are available in three specific ranges – MA, MAT and Duplo. All three ranges are fabricated from high grade stainless steel and can handle a variety of different materials.

The smallest is the MA-2 with its single phase 900W motor with convey rate of 60kg per hour.

The largest loader in the range is the Duplo 7P which features a three phase 11kW motor and can handle up to 2,400kg per hour to cover two machines

In between there are seventeen other models to choose from so there really is a Marse hopper loader to suit your application.


MADK series

All models are designed to be installed above machine and the units are designed for a small-medium throughput.

The electronic control panel allows easy setting via the internal data base of main materials.

The flow of compressed air is modulated through the electronic card in function of the process time capacity and type of material this in combination with the anti stress system, it automatically reduces the power consumption;

• Automatic programming with daily / weekly timer
• Microprocessor board for electronic PID control
• Air flow control
• Wide range of drying hoppers in stainless steel with ceramic fiber insulation
• Acoustic alarm.
• High pressure blowers
• Compact design
• Compressed air filter


MDD series

Are specifically designed for the plastics industries, and as such is packed with features which include an automatic programming facility offering a variety of different timing options together with industry leading safety features including¿ compressed air failure warning, over temperature alarm and desiccant bed change-over valve location.

The range consists of nine different models, starting with the MDD 1-10 which has air-flow of 60m3/h and a hopper size of 15 litres up to the MDD 70 for an air-flow of 500m3/h and a hopper size of 1500 litres. Every dryer in the MDD series is manufactured from Stainless steel and has a one year warranty.

MDD series offer the following advantages:

• Automatic programming with daily /week timer
• Electronic microprocessor with PID control
• High pressure suction blowers with high filter surface
• Wide range of drying hoppers in stainless steel with ceramic fiber insulation
• Safety protections such as :
– compressed air failure
– over temperature, change-over valve position etc.
• High pressure blowers
• Compact design
• Drew point – 50ºC

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