Rennd Ltd

RENND provide concept modelling and prototype production services across all industry sectors including Architectural, Mechanical, Education, Medical, Creative and Scientific.

We provide a range of services ranging from one-off creations to elaborate design and manufacturing packages. Our team is able to manage all aspects of design and manufacture, offering contract manufacture management for larger overseas production runs.

Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive range of subcontracting services including: Precision CNC milling, Large format CNC machining of wood, plastic, composite and sheet materials, Large format 3D printing, Laser cutting and manufacturing consultancy services.

3D Printing

High definition, medical grade printing.

Utilizing the latest technology, we're able to produce micron resolution components with a completely layer less injection moulded finish in a range of materials including: Class 1 and 2 bio-compatible, High-def prototyping, White, Clear, Black, Blue, Opal, Investment castable, Flexible, Dental, Skin-like and with a wide range of mechanical characteristics. Furthermore, we're able to produce prints in almost any colour for special orders.

Large format and production printing.

We're able to offer production level, large format and batch 3D printing services with individual part sizes up to 1m cubed with many larger assemblies fabricated in our workshops. Materials include fully recyclable, biodegradable plastics to carbon fibre reinforced composite polymers exhibiting outstanding strength characteristics.

3D Printing

CNC Milling

Using HAAS and XYZ machine tools VMCs we provide full 3 and 4th axis simultaneous machining suitable for precision one-offs to large production runs. Being versed in a range of materials RENND is equipped to machine all ferrous and non-ferrous metals including work hardening materials such as Titanium and 316L stainless steel.

Precision prototypes and advanced machining strategies can be proven out in a range of softer materials such as Delrin, 6082 T6 Aluminium and PU foams for advanced design evaluation before moving onto more exotic materials.

Material certification and CMM inspection available on request.

CNC Milling

Laser Cutting

Our CO2 laser cutting and etching service is suitable for a wide range of non-ferrous resistant materials such as Wood, Plastic, Composites, Textiles, Organics and natural materials such as Stone.

Particularly suited to artistic and practical creations, laser cutting provides a fast and cost-effective means to processing sheet material into complex geometry quickly. 

Laser etching can impart a unique and permanent mark on materials including Wood, Plastic, Glass, Stone, Anodized Aluminium, Stainless and Mild steels and other metals with the addition of a ceramic additive.

We offer laser cutting up to a maximum size of 1200*800mm with a maximum workpiece height of 400mm. Cutting thicknesses vary with material and we will advise you accordingly.

Laser Cutting

Concept modeling, Prototype and batch production.

3 axis CNC millingLarge format CNC Routing
4 axis CNC millingHigh-resolution 3D Printing
Laser Cutting 
Laser Etching 
Product DesignLarge format 3D printing

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