Renold Clutches and Couplings (T/u Renold plc)

At Renold plc, we produce a broad range of precision engineering products from sprag clutches to fluid couplings. For over five decades, our company has been designing and manufacturing bespoke gear spindles and gear couplings for the primary metals industry.

Our coupling division consists of three established manufacturing companies enabling us to provide a vast selection of gear couplings to be supplied worldwide.

High Performance Transmission Chain

Our high performance transmission chain designs concentrate on the wear and fatigue resistance with an aim to reduce your downtime and increase productivity. Our high performance transmission chain selection will help you discover the exact chain you need for the job.

High Performance Transmission Chain

Conveyor Chain

We boast flexible, professional manufacturing techniques and serve industries worldwide with our conveyor chain expertise. With our design experience behind us, we strive to meet the exact requirements of our customers and include the following conveyer chain applications:

  • Asphalt Conveyor Chain
  • Bakery Chain
  • Cement Conveyor Chain
  • Crawler Cranes
  • Escalator Step Chains
  • Heavy duty Conveying Applications
  • Coal Mining and Quarrying
  • Oilfield Chain
  • Palm Oil Chain
  • Road Pavers
  • Sugar Mill Chain
  • Theme Park
  • Water Industry / Sewage Treatment
Conveyor Chain

Attachment Chain

Our diverse assortment of attachment chain is sure to meet and even exceed your expectations. From standard to non-standard, we have attachment chains to suit your needs perfectly. We can create custom-made attachments should you require them as well.

Attachment Chain

Industrial Gearboxes

For over 100 years, we have been designing and manufacturing high quality industrial gearboxes. Our wealth of experience coupled with our workforce knowledge brings you the wide spectrum of high performing industrial gearboxes showcased on our website today.

These include:

  • Worm Gear units - single and double reduction
  • Helical and worm combination gear units
  • Helical gear units
  • Helical and bevel helical gear units
  • Shaft mounted helical gear units
  • Variable speed drives
  • Custom made worm gear sets including dual lead technology
  • Custom made and high volume loose helical gears
  • Standard and custom made worm gear lift / escalators drive package
  • Special custom made gear units and package drive solutions
  • Gear unit service and refurbishment
Industrial Gearboxes

Industrial Couplings

At Renold, we have many industrial couplings suitable for industrial sectors such as mining, quarrying, and metal manufacture. Our industrial couplings have many variable beneficial features, so if you have an application requirement, we have the solution.

Our couplings include:

  • Spiderflex
  • Spider
  • Pinflex
  • Crown Pin
Industrial Couplings

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