Renson Fabrications Ltd.

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Renson creates innovative concepts and products for a healthy and comfortable in-house climate combined with low energy consumption.

Renson's mission is the ongoing development and manufacturing of commercial and residential natural air ventilation products. These products have a positive environmental impact: no energy costs, reduced exterior noise, improved public health, and high quality fresh air supply.

The “Healthy Building Concept” This natural solution guarantees a comfortable living environment without appealing to energy wasting technologies. It contributes to substantial reduction of energy costs and  deduction of the CO²-emission.

Buildings that have been designed to incorporate large quantities of glass will often lead to the installation of air-conditioning systems. Did you know that the cooling-off of rooms in summer uses more energy than the heating during winter months. There are alternative solutions which respect the environment and human beings.

Solar shading
Structural solar shading and screens can prevent overheating. Stopping sunbeams before contact with the glass can prevents solar gain, whilst allowing controlled amounts of daylight into the building without disturbing reflections.


Insulation, humidity, CO2 and other gasses are remaining in buildings and although they are invisible, can harm your health. It is important to ventilate correctly on a regular basis, continuous ventilation is the most efficient way to encourage a healthy living environment.

Continuous louvres systems

All buildings are subject to the rain, wind and sun. A continuous louvre system is ideal to protect Installations against nature elements, whist still allow passage of air acoustic solution can also be incorporated.

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