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Since our formation in 1947, we have designed and manufactured high quality scientific equipment and have supplied a wide selection of international industries with viscosity measurement products.

Our viscosity measurement products can be used with paint, varnish, resin, bitumen, ink, food and pharmaceutical production.

Cone and Plate Viscometers

We design and manufacture a variety of cone and plate viscometers. Originally known as the "ICI" cone and plate viscometers, our products are recognized by the British Standards Institution and BS 3900 as well as the American Standards A7, ASTM D 4287, and ISO 2884.

A range of options are available in the developed instrument and these optional extras are incorporated on each viscometer to suit individual customer needs. These cone and plate viscometers can also have PC interface.

Krebs Viscometers

Krebs Viscometers are easy to use with an operation based upon the specification of ASTM D562. It has a spindle rotating at 200 rpm and a paddle also conforming to the ASTM D562 specification.

The Krebs Viscometers unit measures the power to maintain the spindle at 200 rpm when the paddle is immersed in the sample. A digital display shows the reading in Krebs units, grams or centipoises. Krebs Viscometers are the ideal instrument for use in the measurement of paints and coatings.

Viscometer Flow Cups

Viscometer flow cups are manufactured from stainless steel and have replaceable jets for break-thread flow time comparative measurements. Viscometer flow cups have flow times between 30 and 100 seconds. To view our full range of flow cups, visit our website.

Pressure Density Cups

Pressure density cups are designed and produced to measure with the minimum of error, the density of paints that tend to pick up substantial quantities of air during manufacture.

Pressure density cups operate by compressing the paint to such an extent air bubbles are reduced to a smaller volume.

Pressure Density Cup Gauges

Pressure density cup gauges comprise of a hollow cylinder with a plunger in one end and a pressure release cap at the other. Pressure is applied to the sample of paint by advancing the plunger with the screw provided.

Paint is forced out of the pressure release cap which is set at a value of 150 p.s.i. Pressure density cup gauges are made so when the plunger is screwed down, the volume of paint enclosed is that of 100 gms of water at 16.7°C.

Precision Analytical Balances

Our precision analytical balances blend highly effective performance at unbeatable prices. The ESJ range of precision analytical balances has a simple four-button keypad and is designed for easy use and fast weighing.

Its stabilisation is highly reliable and dependable and a built-in calibration weigh lets you quickly set the balance for maximum

Viscometer Thermometer

Our range of research equipment include high quality thermometers ideal for checking your viscometer thermometer temperature settings.

The viscometer thermometer measures the temperature at the heater plate surface using the copper disc on the plate surface using a small piece of heat grease. The resolution of the apparatus is 0.1 degree centigrade and the accuracy is 0.1% at 23 degrees Centigrade.

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