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Resikom supply products and services to both the residential and commercial market sectors.  We specialise in Liquid Leak Detection systems (Water, Chemicals, Hydrocarbons and Solvents), Gas Detection systems (Refrigerant, Toxic and Flammable), Trace Heating systems (Hot Water Maintenance and Frost Protection), Underfloor Heating systems, Fire Suppression Systems (Argonite, FM200, Inergen), Dry and Wet Risers, Room Integrity Tests, and Vesda Smoke Detection systems.

About Us

Resikom Limited was formed on the idea that customers require quality products and superior service.  Our staff have a wealth of experience and knowledge and our focus is directed on both the residential and commercial markets. 

As we are totally independent, we are able to provide solutions using the most suitable and current products on the market.  We are also able to service and support many different makes and brands of systems for the very same reasons.

Gas Detection

Gas leak detection can be done by using various methods.

In order to detect gas leaks with traditional methods such as Catalytic/IR Point Sensors and IR Open Path Sensors, the gas itself must either be in close proximity to the detector or within a pre-defined area. Outdoor environmental conditions such as changing wind directions and quick dispersion of a potential gas cloud, which can be found e.g. on an offshore platform, can result in undetected gas leaks, leading to extremely dangerous situations.

An alternative to these traditional detection methods is ultrasonic gas leak detectors. This detection method often use a microphone technology; which detect outdoor leaks by sensing the distinct high frequency ultrasound emitted by all high pressure gas leaks, meaning that the gas does not have to reach the sensor - just the sound of the gas leak.

Gas Detection

Liquid Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection is an expression more commonly used for larger, integrated systems installed in "high-tech" buildings or those containing valuable artefacts, materials or other assets where early notification of a potentially damaging leak would be beneficial.

At Resikom Limited, we have a wealth of knowledge and understanding concerning Liquid Leak Detection and Location Systems.  Therefore we have partnered up with all major manufacturers to provide a solution for every conceivable application possible.  We can provide a single zone system and a point sensor in a drip tray up to a digital pinpoint location system capable of monitoring 1500 metres of sensing cable and a network of 128 remote sensing modules.  We are also able to offer products designed for OEM and control applications such as air conditioning units, BMS controls etc.

Click here for a full list of available types of sensors.

Liquid Leak Detection

Room Integrity Testing

The use of gaseous fire extinguishing systems to provide protection for computer and plant rooms is all but essential, given the consequences of fire damage and downtime for such critical equipment.

Our staff have been at the forefront of testing fire suppression systems for well over a decade both in the UK and Ireland, as well as elsewhere overseas.

The test is a requirement of the British Standard for gaseous fire extinguishing systems – BS:ISO 14520.  Most fire insurers will require evidence that the test has been conducted and the result is satisfactory. Resikom can usually arrange a test within a few days and it will only take a few hours.

Room Integrity Testing

Trace Heating

Trace Heating, also called "heat trace" and "heat tape," is an electrical system used to heat pipes.  Trace heating consists of a long cable-like electrical heating element run in physical contact along the length of a pipe. The pipe is then usually covered with thermal insulation to retain heat.

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Trace Heating

Underfloor Heating

There are two types of Underfloor Heating systems available on the market.

  • Hot Water Systems
  • Electric Systems

Hot Water systems use the principle of circulating warm water through pipes laid into a solid screeded floor.

Electric floor heating systems have very low installation cost for smaller spaces (1-5 rooms) because they are easy to install and have a very low start-up cost (An electric thermostat is all that is required.)

Click here for a list of underfloor heating products Resikom have to offer.

Underfloor Heating

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