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Resin Bonded Surfaces Ltd is a domestic & commercial supplier and installer of Resin Bonded Gravel, Resin Bound Gravel & Quartz Stone Carpet Systems. 

These systems are very attractive and can be used in a variety of environments including Domestic Drives & Paths, Disabled Ramps, Pedestrian areas & Car Parks, Landscape schemes, Heritage Sites, Regeneration Projects etc 

The quartz stone carpet system can be installed in any of the colours on the RAL colour chart and are ideal for offices, receptions, car showrooms, swimming pool surrounds etc. Quartz Stone Carpets can also be installed in external environments and is ideal for defining areas through design.

Resin Bound Surfacing

Resin Bonded Gravel
These are aesthetically pleasing and very practical systems which can be installed using a variety of natural and synthetic aggregates to meet the individual needs of the project. Resin-bonded surfaces can be installed in a variety of environments including driveways, paths, theme parks, disabled ramps, pedestrian areas, car parks, landscape schemes, heritage sites, regeneration projects and parks.

Resin-bonded gravel has the appearance and texture of loose gravel but with very little loose stone. The system can have a seal coat applied in a matt or gloss finish to minimise any loose gravel, it is hard wearing and requires very little maintenance.

Quartz Stone Carpets

Quartz Stone Carpets
The quartz stone carpet system creates a smooth-to-the-touch, textured-to-the-eye, hard-wearing, low maintenance, seamless flooring system composed of thousands of small rounded coloured quartz stones.

The system has high design flexibility and in addition to floors it can be applied to vertical surfaces. Resin Bonded Surfaces is able to supply and install this surface in any of the colours on the RAL colour chart. Colours can also be blended at different ratios to provide bespoke mixes meeting the client’s exact requirements.

Quartz stone carpets are naturally warmer than many flooring systems, can be used on top of under floor heating, and provide a very quiet surface to walk on. The system can be applied on to ceramic tiles, wood, concrete, asphalt and metal.

Ideal installation environments include:

  • Offices
  • Reception areas
  • Retail spaces
  • Car showrooms
  • Health care environments
  • Health clubs
  • Swimming pool surrounds
  • Terraces

Quartz stone carpets can also be installed externally giving designers the opportunity to design floors that flow from inside to out without having to change the material or colour, enabling seamless definition through design.

Resin Bonded Gravel

Resin Bound Gravel - sustainable urban drainage (SUDS)
Our resin-bound gravel system uses the most advanced binder resins available in the UK to create high-quality, hard-wearing, low maintenance water permeable flooring systems. BondTex, BoundTex & StoneTex Resins are manufactured in the UK and have been specially formulated to meet the specific needs of the markets we serve. These resins have the lowest environmental impact of those currently available in the UK and are made from sustainable Biomass which differs from most binder resins which are imported and made from petrochemicals which are extruded from crude oil.

A variety of natural and recycled aggregates and materials can be used within this system. These aggregates and materials are fully encapsulated within the resin and applied to the required thickness on the surface being dressed. This creates a smooth finish with no loose aggregate. Other materials that can be used within this system include coloured glass, Italian marble pebbles and crushed Italian marble.

Resin-bound gravel has a more contemporary appearance than a resin bonded surface and can be used in the same environments as the resin-bonded system plus many others. This system is also ideal for tree pits where a porous system is required.

Resin Bonded DIY Kits

Resin Bonded Surfaces Ltd is pleased to be able to offer DIY enthusiasts and self builders the opportunity to enjoy the surfaces we supply and install by carrying out their own installations.

We offer a range of kits from 4m2 upwards which cover a vast range of internal and external surfaces. They provide a durable, low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing surface which can be installed quickly in a variety of natural and bespoke coloured aggregates. The aggregates are specialist you cannot use DIY store aggregates.

All kits include installation instructions and technical support is only a phone call away. For an additional fee we can provide on site support subject to availability. How to Chose a Kit.

All Prices subject to Delivery and VAT at 17.5%. Delivery £55.00 per pallet. Payments Accepted: BACS, Credit Cards, Cheque, Credit Card payments please add 3.00%. DIY Kits dispatched Mondays & Wednesdays. Cleared payment must be received by Friday pm for Monday dispatch, by 10am Tuesday for a Wednesday dispatch.

Resin Driveways

Resin Bonded Surfaces Ltd is primarily a supplier and installer of the surfaces that we sell.

We work within both domestic & commercial markets for public sector, private sector & private individual clients.

We have a policy of viewing and managing all enquiries from wherever they come as if they are our only client and provide fast efficient & competitively priced project costing's. We aim to respond to all correspondence in which ever format in arrives on the day we receive it.

Over the last two years Resin Bonded Surfaces Ltd has consistently managed to beat our main competitors on price by an average of 20% whilst at the same time using superior quality more environmentally friendly materials designed solely for this market..

If you require an estimate or any assistance with your project please telephone : 01732 845007 01732 845007 or email

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