Resistencias Tope SA

~~Resistencias Tope is a Spanish firm, leader in its sector with 50 years experience; over 4500m2 devoted to the manufacture of customized heating elements, thermocouples and control devices for many applications such:   •Oil conditioning.
•Salts conditioning, in thermosolar CSP plants
•Crude oil heating / Fuel buffer drum heating.
•Suction line heating for storage tank.
•Fuel oil forwarding for boiler start-up
•Natural gas heating to prevent from freezing before pressure reduction,(compression and metering stations).
•Fuel gas conditioning for boiler start-up and gas turbines auxiliaries systems.
•Liquefied Natural Gas heating and vaporizing.
•TEG, MEG Dehydration.
•KO Drum.
•Process gas.
•CO2/N2 Vaporising.
•Air/Gas separation processes.
•H2, N2, Water steam heating for freeze dryers.
•Boilers, Dryers, Water treatments processes.
•Heating and cooling by circulating oil, water or glycol.
•Deionizated/Demineralized water.
•Medical/Pharmaceutical process water heating


•Skid heaters
•Immersion heaters
•Circulation heaters
  Our equipment and protective systems are intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres according EC Directive regulation, ATEX certification approved for all type of gas and dust to suit zone 1, zone 21 and zone 22.   Our technical department will help you developing quickly efficient solutions for your heating system.

Resistencias Tope SA Overview