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At RJW, we have invested heavily in our range of horizontal and vertical boring machines. Our vertical borer allows us to machine a wide range of components from large castings to other fabrications in either single units or production runs.

Features of our vertical boring capabilities include:

  • Webster Bennett vertical borer enabling us to machine components up to 3m in diameter and 1.5m high
  • one of the largest vertical boring machines in the North West
  • double column machine allows us to carry out boring activities to items up to 20T in weight
  • facility is available 24-hours a day enabling emergency service type work to be carried out

Pump Repair

We provide the complete in-house repairs for a wide range of industrial pumps. We specialise in complete pump repairs covering the electric motor (if fitted), the seal repair, and balancing and mechanical repairs to the shafts or impellors. We also complete comprehensive flow test and reporting capabilities.

We guarantee quality, delivery and a competitive price. As specialists in the field, we are in the perfect position to combine comprehensive electric motor and mechanical repair capabilities with a pump repair company. We can provide pump repair solutions for units between five and 10 Tonnes in weight.

Pump Repair

Contract Winding

For over 40 years, we have performed contract winding. We have the skills and experience to provide all kinds of wound components from complete motors to stand alone stators, armatures or rotors. Additionally, we also complete the modification or retrofitting of armatures including voltage changes or altering the winding details.

Our contract winding department is highly flexible, and our facilities include:

  • automated winding equipment
  • coil shooting and binding equipment
  • production runs in hundreds per week
  • manufacture of single units for prototype purposes
Contract Winding

Electrical Repairs

We have experience in completing electrical repairs in electrically driven industrial rotating equipment including all types of AC and DC electric motors, fans, generators (including wind turbine generator repairs), alternators and integrated pumps and geared motors.

Using some the best equipped workshops and the latest equipment, we are more than suited to accurately and thoroughly complete a wide range of rotating equipment and electrical repairs. All our services are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Electrical Repairs

Mechanical Repairs

We are proud of our mechanical facilities that provide us the basis to complete most mechanical repairs. Our capabilities include stand-alone pump and gearbox repairs and offer three different methods of shaft repairs

Our machining facilities are extensive and include with numerous lathes and milling machines across the three sites up to a capacity of 6m long. Additionally, we have extensive vertical and horizontal boring facilities as well as grinding and fabrication services to complete mechanical repairs.  All services are manned 24-hours a day by our dedicated team of time served engineers.

Mechanical Repairs

Electronic Repairs

We have more than 20 years of experience in the repair of servo motors. As well as a variety of other electronic repairs, we work closely with a range of manufacturers, including Control Techniques.

In the field of electronic repairs, we have the experience, parts and test equipment to provide a fast, cost-effective, quality repair. We can complete:

  • drives (AC, DC and servo)
  • PLCs
  • power supplies
  • other proprietary control equipment
Electronic Repairs

High Frequency Repairs

We can complete standard high frequency repair and test equipment for standard 50Hz work. Our repair department has a range of frequency changers supplying varying frequencies to allow testing in similar conditions to normal use. Portable appliance and harm tests are also carried out on all grinder repairs as well.

The department has over 40 years of experience in the repair and sale of high frequency grinders, motors and rotary frequency changers operating up to 300Hz. High frequency motors used in industries such as woodworking are also a common feature.

High Frequency Repairs

Site Maintenance Services

We can provide extra onsite maintenance resources for your business. Our site maintenance teams can provide that extra backup across a range of jobs and disciplines to ensure the site personnel are fully supported.

We have over 100 engineers from a range of disciplines including electrical, mechanical and electronic service. In addition to the fitting of plant, our site maintenance teams can carry out a wide range of other work in the form of plant inspections as part of preventive maintenance initiatives, fault finding, repairs of equipment on site or the commissioning of drives or other electronic equipment.

Site Maintenance Services

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