RF Lifting and Access Ltd

Here at RF Lifting and Access, we are worldwide Genie access equipment distributors. We provide a first-class service to our customers wanting to purchase lifting equipment. As leading Genie access equipment distributors, we supply many companies with a wide range of lift material handling products and access products from this range.

Genie Aerial Work Platforms

We supply a comprehensive selection of Genie aerial work platforms. Their “Super Series” Genie aerial work platforms will safely lift one or two people to heights of up to 46 feet 3 ins. (14.1 m.). They are easy to manoeuver. We supply work platforms designed to provide the convenience of a quick set up, operation and durability.

Genie Aerial Work Platforms

Portable Material Lifts

We provide portable material lifts manufactured by Genie to safely lift up to 1,000 pounds (454kg), off ground level to heights of 26 feet (7.9 m.). Our portable material lift models are highly manoeuverable.

Portable Material Lifts

Genie Lifts and Lifting Equipment

We supply and impressive selection of Genie lifts and lifting equipment. Our specialist Genie lifts and lifting equipment includes:

  • Hand Chain Block
  • Ratchet Lever Hoists
  • Beam Clamp
  • GIS Electric Hoist
  • Girder Trolley
Genie Lifts and Lifting Equipment

Used Access Equipment and Used Lifting Equipment

We supply fully tested used access equipment and used lifting equipment. Our collection of used access equipment and used lifting equipment is constantly updated and in stock. We also we sell off our demonstration kit before it is 12 months old.

Used Access Equipment and Used Lifting Equipment

Genie Spare Parts

We stock and distribute a fantastic selection of Genie spare parts suitable for access platforms.

As well as Genie spare parts we also stock spare parts for manufacturers including:

  • Haulotte
  • Niftylift
  • Skyjack
  • Bravi
  • Pop-Up
  • Snorkel
  • Simon
  • Upright
  • Manitou
  • JLG
  • Genie
Genie Spare Parts

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