RFIDdirect is a distributor specialising in RFID technology, selling exclusively to system integrators, solution providers, software developers and OEM industry. RFIDdirect is operating in Europe with customers in South Africa, Australia and the Middle East.

RFIDdirect strives to long term and bi-directional relationships with its suppliers, guaranteeing the continuity of supply of product in the future. This enables RFIDdirect to design bespoke RFID tags for our customers.

RFIDdirect is sourcing from the original Asian producers which are an ISO9001 accredited production facility where ‘quality - fit for use’ is prior to ‘cheap’. The production of RFID products is towards Western standards and all products supplied are RoHS compliant.

With over 25 years experience in the field of RFID, RFIDdirect is able to add value to its products and advice its customers in the diverse world of RFID applications.

UHF FieldTester

With the help of this pocket-sized device, annoying dead spots in the RF field are no longer a hindrance. Environmental anomalies such as snow, rain, metal, water and people can create nulls in the radio field, which can be considerably difficult to uncover. The UHF FieldTester removes this difficulty and the potential for embarrassment in front of customers. The FieldTester’s 30 ft range means that the accuracy of overall read percentage can be considerably improved. The device's 30 ft range also enables  the accuracy of overall read percentage to be considerably improved. As the FieldTester is powered by radio frequency, it's battery life is infinite. 

Plastic Key Fobs

Mango produces a wide range of rugged plastic keyfobs, featuring most common LF or HF functionalities. The parts can be silkscreen printed, numbered with inkjet or laser and packed according to customer requirements. An attractive palette of colours is avaiable as is a competent encoding service. Besides the depicted parts, Mango can produce customer designed keyfobs with different keyrings, metal fittings and other features to match a more individual taste.

Iso Cards

PVC ISO-Cards are available with many RFID chips, additional magnetic stripe, signature stripe, offset printing, screen printing for persnalisation. Serial number printing, with ink-jet, thermo or laser engraving is also possible.

 Mango offers versions of clamshell cards in both ABS or Polycarbonate, with each having a printable PVC cover sheet 



We have several different products which can be used within the Industrial sector. These products have been designed to be sturdy and durable specifically for industrial use.

Glass Rod with Ferrite Antenna Core

Produced in different sizes. Only available in Low Frequency RFID, 125kHz. 

Disc Tags

We have a range of disc tags in varying sizes and MHz  for several different applications and tasks, including:

NFC Technology

We have several accessories which can be used alongside NFC technology for optimum results, which include:

We are also currently working on, and developing new NFC initiatives.

NFC Technology

Wrist Bands

Mango has a large range of re-usable wristbands. The most popular version is the Silicon Rubber variation. Available in:

  • Light Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Geen
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Black and White

Sizes: 65mm or 75mm diameter.

Mango can supply pre-personalisation as well as encoding.

Leather Key Fobs

These fine products are made with high quality bovine leather, and are handsown. They are available with most common LF or HF semiconductors and suited for applications, where durability is important. Available colours are red, brown and black. Laser numbering (UID or sequential numbers) as well as Logo embossing or other graphic silk screen printing will give this product a tasteful, refined appearance. 

Bullet Tags

Bullet tags are used in industrial environments for the identification of small parts and when space is limited.Their rugged construction (Epoxy encapsulated Ferrite core transponder in a Polycarbonate housing) often makes them ideal alternatives to Glass tags.
Only Available in low frequency RFID. 

Invengo RFID Inlays

The Invengo inlays, based on the Impinj Monza-5 chip technology, offer up to 128bits memory for encoding an EPC code, and a 48 bits serialized tag identifier (TID) for authentication and anti-cloning applications.
In addition, the inlay's embedded nonvolatile memory provides 100,000 cycle endurance / 50 year data retention. Prior to delivery, 100% of the Invengo inlays undergo complete testing, ensuring the high quality that customers expect form Invengo.
The inlays are available in wet or dry format.

Mango RFID Inlays

A wide range of antenna design and sizes is available in Wet- and Dry inlay format.
Materials used: Etched Alu antenna positioned on a PET substrate
Dry inlay: 0.23mm thick / Wet inlay: 0.6 mm thick
The inlays can be supplied with NXP Mifare, TKS, Legic and TI.

RFID Labels

Based on the Invengo inlays, RFIDdirect produces a range of standard labels.
However, as distributor for RFID UHF inlays we realise tgat supplying the semi-finished product is half the job. RFIDdirect is able to supply you a bespoke RFID-label in any form or shape and with an adhesive suitable for your application.

In Association With: CAEN RFID

Since its establishment in 1979, CAEN operates in a highly specialized international market: the design, the production and the supply of electronic instrumentation for radiation, low light sensors and RFID.  

Many well-known RFID brands, from Psion to M3, have built and designed around reliable CAEN RFID modules. Now you can too. 

We have several CAEN products within our range, these include:

In Association With: Nordic ID

Nordic ID provides data capture tools for professional use. They are a respected and well known supplier of handheld barcode and RFID terminals. The Nordic ID success is based on excellent product design, quality and services. 

We have several Nordic ID products to offer, including:

In Association With: Xerafy

We Provide a number of different products from Xerafy's range. These include: 

Xerafy's innovations have changed the price-performance ratio for RFID tags and made it possible for customers to track assets in a wide range of harsh environments. Xerafy provides read-on-metal tags that can be embedded directly into assets to meet a full range of needs for RFID asset tracking in the aerospace, industrial, data center, healthcare, energy and other industries. 

The Metal Skin, a new ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID inlay compliant with EPCglobal's standards, and designed for tracking metal assets. The inlay adheres to typical label conversion manufacturing processes that can incorporate human readable printing, barcodes, and graphics. The Metal Skin is extremely low profile and flexible to fit curved surfaces such as the contour of metallic cylinders and drums.. 

UHF RFID Temperature Logger

Temperature Logger: Coming Soon. 

UHF RFID Temperature Logger

Software Design

Contact us at rfiddirect.eu or at info@rfiddirect.eu for more information or for answers to any queries you may have. 

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