RG Trade Supplies and Engineering Ltd


At RGT, we use a variety of methods to create bespoke machine parts to meet your needs. Using conventional and CNC machine tools, our skilled toolmakers create products to your precise requirements. We are experienced in producing bespoke machined parts in steel, stainless steel and aluminium for most industries.

Bespoke Meat Hanging Equipment

We design and manufacture bespoke meat hanging equipment for processing plants, cold stores, deer larders and other applications. We can also create bespoke meat hanging equipment using our standard range of rails, hooks, rail stops and ‘U’ bends to suit most applications.

Bespoke Pressings and Fabrications

We specialise in bespoke pressings and fabrications. Our on-site skilled toolmakers can design and manufacture bespoke pressings and fabrications. We also have experienced welders proficient in TIG & MIG welding to produce high quality fabrications in steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Using our power presses operating at up to 250 tons, we can press and form nearly any kind of any item.

Bespoke Stainless Steel Light Bars

We manufacture bespoke stainless steel light bars. TIG welded and then polished to a high quality finish, we can supply stainless steel light bars for a wide range of vehicle applications.

No matter the batch size, we are the unmatched choice in high quality bespoke stainless steel light bars in the commercial vehicle and coach industries. Whatever your requirement we'll be happy to discuss your specific requirements in detail with no obligation.

Stainless Steel Pressing and Fabrications

For our stainless steel pressing and fabrication, we have a skilled team of employees who take pride in offering a versatile CAD design and prototyping service.

At our site, we have a range of power presses up to 250 Tons can press and form most items. Our on-site skilled toolmakers can design and manufacture stainless steel pressing and fabrication in house.

Bespoke Vehicle Access Steps

We take pride in our bespoke vehicle access steps. Made from steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Our wide range of vehicle access steps are tailor-made to specific customer requirements either on a one/off basis or volume quantities.

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