RGC Technical


The Relationship

Your problems are transformed into solutions through a cooperative relationship with RGC Technical. Since 1991, RGC Technical has pursued electronics design, product innovation, technical analysis, and management support. Rapid response is a developing speciality.

The Transformation (Vision - Direction - Development - Solution)

Your need is the vision, a shared vision; direction is set through presentation of clear options and advice; development thrusts its way through all difficulties; solution is achieved, the realised vision.


Audio, security, medical, scientific, imaging, consumer, industrial; all forms of electronics, embedded software; plastics and other design areas; technical analysis or production, design business problems.

Proposals are tuned to your resources and aspirations. 

Moving Forwards

  • Going green?
  • Reducing energy consumption?
  • Improving efficiency?
  • Managing risk?
  • Facing regulations?

Try RGC Technical. We simply love your most difficult problems and biggest headaches!

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