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RGH has been established for over 30 years and specialises in the conversion of technical materials for a range of industries including automotive, point of sale, electrical and medical.

RGH manufacture all components in-house with state of the art technology which enables a quick delivery time.  High quality standards ensures that the highest expectations are constantly met by a team of technical and highly driven people. 

Specialists in sealing, dampening, bonding, insulating, cushioning, silencing, gliding and packaging.

Call and speak with one of the technical team or send and email.  RGH will strive to find a suitable solution to your requirements.

3M VHB and adhesive tapes.

RGH recently became 3M converters.  This allows RGH access to a wide range of transfer tapes such as the popular 467 and 468 tapes as well as a full range of VHB tapes and foams.  Converting these materials in to pads, strips and die cut components will ensure that the customer can apply them easily and quickly.  These adhesives can also be applied to other materials such as foams or felts.  Please contact our sales team for more information on the 3M range.

3M VHB and adhesive tapes.

Double Sided Foam

Ranging from 0.45mm to 3.2mm in thickness (as standard) RGH’s range of double sided foams are used within many industries for bonding, cushioning, sealing and mounting applications.

With double sided PVC and polyethylene available RGH will recommend the most suitable foam and adhesives to suit your particular application. Acrylic, rubber and hot melt adhesives are available and our foam can also be laminated with perm-peel tape to give one side a low tack adhesive surface.

Double Sided Tapes

With both acrylic and rubber based adhesive systems available as transfer tape or with tissue, scrim, filmic or cloth carriers, RGH's range of double sided tapes are multi-purpose tapes used within a range of industries. Used in-house as adhesive on our foams and fabrics products and popularly used for bonding, mounting and laminating of plastics, metal, wood, paper, ceramics and many other substrates

Non- Adhesive and Single- Sided Foam

RGH convert a range of open and closed cell foams which include PVC, polyuethanes, EPDM, Neoprene, PVC nitrile and polyethylene foams.  RGH have in the facility to laminate, slit and die cut these materials in to almost any die cut shape that you require.  Thicknesses and colours vary.   

Hangtabs and Wobblers

RGH manufacture hangtabs and wobblers in-house

RGH have a range of flexible and rigid hangtabs available which can be manufactured from a variety of thicknesses ranging from 200 micron plastic up to 600 micron.  Heavy Duty hangers can be supplied with an aggressive adhesive or a foam adhesive base depending on the weight that you wish to hang from them.

Please ask our sales team for the size that you require and they will recommend the closest possible hangtab to fulfil your requirement.

RGH can supply hangers with euro slots, metro slots, delta slots or with single holes and can present them in rolls with as many hangers on a roll that you require.

Supplying hangtabs in booklets is also very popular and RGH will present them in booklets of 10 or 12 pieces depending on what suits you.  

Straight wobblers of many lengths are also made in-house as well as euro-wobblers.  Hot melt adhesives or foam adhesives can be applied to each end or just one end.  If the shape that you require is not currently made then please ask and a member of the team will be able to quote for a tool to be made to fulfil your requirements.  Wobblers can be presented in bags or 100, 500 or 1000 depending on the size.



Felts and Fabrics

Felts, Viscose Fibre, Flock as well as resin bonded and woven materials are all available from RGH. Ranging from 0.5mm thick to 3mm thick (standard, thicker available upon request) RGH's range of fabrics are available in a variety of finishes and colours. 

RGH specialize in the lamination and conversion of fabrics in order to present them in an ideal way to suit your needs. Whether you require a small 10mm x 10mm pad or a 500mm square die cut gasket then RGH have the conversion capabilities to produce your requirement. Various adhesive tapes are available to laminate to the fabrics depending on the substrate to which are adhering to.  These materials are commonly used within the automotive trade as anti vibration and anti noise pads.


RGH's solid rubber is available in natural, neoprene, butyl, nitrile, EPDM and silicone. Our black commercial grade rubbers offer an affordable solution for most gasketing requirements but should you have a more specialist requirement then we will have the product that you require.

Available in a variety of thicknesses and hardnesses, RGH have the capability to convert solid rubber to strips, pads, gaskets or in a continuous roll form.

Magnetic Tape, Hook and Loop

Magnetic tapes are available in 12.7mm, 19mm and 25mm width and can be converted into strips of any length with either a foam or adhesive tape as a backing. All tapes are 1.5mm in thickness but foams up to 3mm thick can be applied to the magnet to give it increased depth.

Magnetic sheet is available at 620mm wide and is 0.75mm thick but again can be laminated with adhesives or foams and die cut into specific shapes to suit your requirement. 

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