RH Nuttall Ltd


RH Nuttall Limited was established in 1860 and has become a leading manufacturer of all non metallic parts including Rubber Strip, Foam Strip, Neoprene Washers, EPDM Strip, Rubber Tape, Expanding Foam Tape, Nylon Gaskets, Self Adhesive Rubber Strips, Acoustic Foam Sheet, PTFE Washers, Mouse Mat Foam Pads and many more. All parts can be supplied plain or adhesive backed.

Industries we supply include marine, construction, automotive, electronics, aerospace and many more.

Rubber Strip / Foam Strip:

  • Rubber Strip
  • Neoprene Strip
  • EPDM Strip
  • Expanding Foam Tape
  • PE Foam Strip
  • Rubber Tape
  • Felt Strip
  • Cork Strip
  • Rubber Blocks
  • Foam Blocks
  • Silicone Strip
  • Foam Tape


  • Neoprene Washers
  • PTFE Washers
  • EPDM Washers
  • Nylon Washers
  • Fibre Washers (M5, M10, M12, M20, M25, M36)
  • Rubber Washers (M5, M10, M12, M20, M25, M36)
  • Cork Washers
  • Leather Washers
  • Nitrile Washers
  • Nylon Bushes
  • Silicone Washers


  • Neoprene Gaskets
  • Foam Gaskets
  • Rubber Gaskets
  • Nylatron Gaskets (Thermal Breaks, Plates)
  • Fibre Gaskets
  • Nylon Gaskets
  • High Temperature Gaskets
  • Cork Sheet
  • Nylon Plates
  • Silicone Gaskets


  • Nylon Sheet
  • Fibre Sheet (Red Fibre Sheet/Black Fibre Sheet)
  • Foam Sheet (EPDM, Acoustic, Neoprene, PE)
  • Klingersil Sheet/Novus Sheet
  • Cork Sheet
  • Rubber Sheet
  • Silicone Sheet

Manufacturers of Rubber, Foam / Sponge, Nylon, and All Non- Metallic Washers, Gaskets, Rubber Strip, Seals & Insulations Since 1860

RH Nuttall Limited is a family owned and run business based in the UK. A leading manufacturer of all non metallic washers, gaskets, seals, insulations, rubber strip, foam strip and sheeting since 1860. RH Nuttall Limited - We accept all major credit cards Standard components include Neoprene gaskets, PTFE washers, EPDM gaskets, Foam strips, Leather washers, solid rubber strip, Fibre washers, Silicone strip, Expanding Foam Tape, Neoprene washers, Neoprene Sponge gaskets, Rubber sheet, Rubber blocks and Cork gaskets to name just a few. All types of foam gaskets, foam strips, foam pads, foam blocks and foam washers are manufactured by our Company. Most products including all foam strip and solid rubber strip can be supplied self adhesive. Self adhesive strip is produced in any length, width or thickness. We manufacturer all Neoprene Sponge Strip and EPDM Sponge Strip to any size required. All sizes and shapes of rubber gaskets and rubber washers are manufactured. With RH Nuttall Limited being a manufacturer it ensures you the very best possible prices as well as lead times!!

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