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We have been developing and manufacturing a wide range of measurement instruments since 1916, always with an emphasis on quality and durability. As our products remain in use throughout the world we continue to support our customers with spares, repairs and replacements.
In 2001 we joined with Rheintacho GmbH to create one of the largest rotational speed measurement manufacturers in the world. Rheintacho bring 100 years of additional expertise, especially in the field of non-contact sensors and stroboscopes.
As a consequence, our expanded range now covers a wide selection of products for the measurement, indication and control of rotational speed together with a range of stroboscopes for quality control and maintenance. 
Our handheld portable range of tachometers and stroboscopes provides the user with the ability to measure speed and distance as well as carrying out maintenance checks by creating a ‘frozen’ image using a strobe. With equipment for use in a range of environments and applications there is a solution for every need. 
Where a fixed solution is required we offer stroboscopes with a range of light sources, widths and trigger configurations to suit individual demands.
Our rotational speed instruments range from mechanical indicators which are directly connected to moving components, to non-contact sensors which generate a signal from the component and transmit this to electronic devices for control and indication. With this range we have the capability to supply effective solutions from stock, or to engineer existing products to meet specific requirements, either as a ‘one-off’ or for a serial production.
Our technical strength is key to remaining at the forefront of our industry, and we work closely with our clients during the product development process to ensure that when we design and develop a product for them it meets the specification and adds value to the finished product. Quality, accuracy and durability are fundamental to our success.
We believe that we can provide a cost-effective solution for your needs, and if there is not currently a standard product, please talk to us and see what we can do for you.



– portable devices for measuring rotational speed and observational maintenance of moving equipment by ‘frozen’ movement.
•    Rolux – bright Xenon bulb using both rechargeable battery and mains power. 
•    RT pocket LED – ultra bright LED light using rechargeable batteries. Can be connected to equipment utilising a trigger input.


Handheld Tachometers

 – portable devices for measuring rotational speed as well as linear speed and length/distance.
•    HTM mechanical tachometer – non-electrical device using a physical connection to measure rotation and linear speed.
•    Redpoint – uses a special light beam reflected off a target to determine rotational speed.
•    Rotaro – uses a special light as with Redpoint together with the additional capability of physical contact to measure both rotation and linear speed/length. Also available with a range of accessories to measure wire, cable and rope.



Fixed Stroboscopes

– devices for permanent connection to continuous production equipment for observational quality control. Can be supplied with a range of trigger options, control units and width configurations.
•    RT Strobe Xenon – uses a Xenon bulb to create a crisp image.
•    RT Strobe LED – uses LED technology to provide a long lasting light source.



– used to measure, monitor and display rotational speeds with fixed indicators. 
•    Mechanical indicators/eddy current tachometers - a direct connection to a rotating component provides energy to move a pointer on the dial face.
•    Governor Tachometers – uses suspended weights to convert rotational energy to move a pointer on the dial face.
•    Tachogenerators – used to generate electrical power from a rotating component for use as a signal or power source for remote indication or control.
•    Electrical indicators – an electrical pulse generated at the rotating component. Can be used in conjunction with a tachogenerator or non-contact sensor.
•    Electrical Analogue – conventional needle indicates value
•    Electrical Digital – value shown on five digit display
•    Electrical LED – illuminated strip indicator



Electrical/Digital Tachometers

- an electrical pulse generated at the rotating component. Can be used in conjunction with a tachogenerator or non-contact sensor.
•    Electrical Analogue – conventional needle indicates value
•    Electrical Digital – value shown on five digit display
•    Electrical LED – illuminated strip indicator



- we manufacture a wide variety of  tachogenerators and tacho alternators. These produce AC or DC signals which can be used to drive analogue indicators or control devices.

Whilst these signaling devices are best suited to Foundrometers indicators and controllers, they can be used to drive any other manufacturers instruments.


Non contact sensors

non-contact sensors for measurement, indication and control of rotational speed. These sensors use various magnetic proximity measuring principles to monitor the speed of machine components. The measurement principle is determined by the application and a wide selection of standard units are available. Additionally, for specific requirements these can be either re-engineered or a new version designed and developed.

Speed Relays/Converters

– can be used with non-contact sensors or other electrical signals to maximise applications and protection of equipment. Products include the Rotas programmable speed monitor and F/I (U) converters (frequency).

Service and Support

– for nearly 100 years Foundrometers Instrumentation Limited has developed and manufactured an extensive range of measuring devices/gauges. Today we still support these and are able to supply, amongst others:
•    Thermometers
•    Thermostats
•    Thermocouples
•    Pressure Gauges
•    Counters
•    Encoders 

We can also offer a repair and calibration service for most products.


Service and Support


Foundrometers began manufacturing tachometers in 1916. In the year 1984 the company acquired Hardings ltd who had been manufacturing tachometers for over 75 years. In the year 2000 Foundrometers merged with Rheintacho GmbH who had been manufacturing tachometers and rotational speed control devices for more than 100 years. This combined experience and expertise in the field of rotational speed indication and control is unparalleled.

Speed Sensors

The company can manufacture speed sensors, electrical and mechanical tachometer systems and speed control devices in any quantities from 1 to 100000.
The company is happy to design instruments for large volume specific applications or reverse engineer a single instrument that our customers are finding difficult to source.

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At your service whenever you need to measure or monitor rotational speed as a factor for mechanical processes, we look forward to hearing from you.

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