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Formerly H.A. Light (Multiforms) Ltd, Multiforms provide the complete service in the manufacture of pressings, strip and wire forms using high speed presses, multi-slides and cold heading wire forming machines.

Multiforms are recognised within the industry base as a leading supplier of both simple and complex high precision components. Customer components are supplied in a variety of materials. ie  steel, copper alloys, nickel & nickel iron alloys, titanium, aluminium, silver and mu-metal.

Multiforms with its comprehensive in house facilities are the logical choice as a partner for your future component requirements.


Building and Construction.
Electrical and Electronic.


Capability to produce 25 million wire shapes or precision pressings a week, using progressive tooling and multi-slide equipment.
CAD / CAM design and tool room facilities.
Multi-slide strip and wire forming machines that can produce components up to 100 mm wide and 3 mm thick in strip material and up to 10 mm diameter in wire.

Multiforms are accredited to ISO9001.

Deep drawn pressings

Deep drawn metal pressings, Multiforms has increased capacity with the addition of Platarg Transfer Press Technology, components such as Deep drawn ferrules, cups, valves, eyelets used within a variety of applications from Medical to Automotive and Electrical from mid to high volume.

Deep drawn pressings


Wireforming, Using traditional and state of the art technologies Multiforms have been a high volume manufacturer of precision wireforms and cold headed pins for many years, supplying to a global customer base we can produce either low volume prototype to very high volume production runs 


Progression Pressings

Progression pressings, Multiforms has a range of high speed Progression Presses capable of producing a range of complex components 

Conventional presswork is a process whereby a hydraulic or mechanical ram/ stamping press is used together with specifically designed  punch and die component tooling to shape and form a metal component.

Hydraulic presses are able to produce a constant press force over the length of the press stroke.  Mechanical presses have a progressive press force as the ram moves towards the bottom dead centre position.  Mechanical presses have the advantage of higher stroke rates.

Progression Pressings

Fourslide and strip pressings

Multislide and strip pressings,Multiforms have a range of Fourslide, strip, Bhiler and Flat bed press capacity making the company one of the United Kingdom’s leading and most competitive manufacturer of strip products, from building and construction clips to precision electronical components the slide section ensures competitively produced components to a range of sectors

Fourslide and strip pressings
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