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Business Training and Support from probably the most highly trusted Consultancy in the business education world.

The Richard Denny Group founded by Richard Denny internationally renowned inspirational business speaker and author of 5 best selling business books, has provided customised training and business support since 1980. If you require greater success, profitability, more sales, happy customers, motivated executives and staff, low absenteeism, outstanding customer care, highly skilled sales professionals, customer ambassadors, just talk to us.

If we work with you there is no risk as we guarantee to get you the results you want - you will also be surprised at how cost effective we are!

Could you or your people do with a little help? Including:-

  • Motivational Speakers
  • Effective people management
  • Public speaking, Leadership development, Team Building and Stress prevention
  • Running meetings
  • Managing customer care
  • Sales management
  • Recognition and incentives, Reward Structures
  • Managing change
  • Absenteeism prevention
  • Financial planning
  • Delegating and prioritising
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Effective appraisals
  • Professional selling skills, Presentation skills, Motivational and Interviewing skills
  • Train the trainer

The RDG guarantee is probably unique, which guarantees you results with full money back security. We would be delighted to hear from you. Telephone or e-mail us to discuss your requirements.


Tel: 01608 812424 or

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Business Development Training

Customised Business Training Programmes for all industry sectors regardless of the size of your organisation

The Richard Denny Group has provided customised training and business support since 1980. In the late 1990's the British Academy Diploma Courses were launched and more recently one day programmes have been introduced.

  • We develop people for themselves and for our clients.
  • We develop confidence and positive attitudes.
  • We deliver practical solutions and enhance motivation.
  • We mentor leaders who perform and achieve results.

Just try us - there is no risk whatsoever for any organisation that places business with Denny Group.

Business Development Training

Business Coaching

What can be achieved through just two hours of one-to-one business coaching?

A few years ago having an executive business coaching program for a company would have been most unusual. Today major corporations are employing Business and Executive Coaching coaches to help their employees to cope with stress, long hours, constant change, people problems, information overload and decisions – decisions – decisions.

Business and Executive Coaching is just as appropriate for executives in small companies as they have very specific issues and responsibilities with fewer people to talk to.

This is one of the fundamental advantages of executive business coaching, to have an opportunity of total impartiality to download concerns as well as opportunistic challenges, to actually have someone to talk to with no axe to grind.

Can Professional Business Coaching Really Help Your Organisation?

Every organisation, whether it is in the private or public sector is facing changes which happen at an incredible pace. It has become an established practice to subject professionals to business coaching courses such as business management coaching and business leadership coaching in order to prepare them for better navigation through these changes. It is the expectation of employees as well as employers to enhance all aspects of their careers through these business coaching courses. Business management coaching and business leadership coaching is mostly directed towards reducing stress, increasing overall organizational effectiveness and also to improve team development and productivity. But these are the most basic benefits.

In addition, Business and Executive Coaching helps:

  • Maximise individual performance leading to higher productivity and effectiveness
  • Assist with managing change
  • Crucially helping organisations to retain talent
  • Helps prioritise and focus activity
  • Dramatically reduces procrastination and unproductive meetings
  • Gives executives the skills to develop staff personally
  • Improves team-work and reduces internal politics
  • Enhances working relationships with colleagues and clients

The results of business management coaching can be impressive with the right coach. Richard Denny is able to help with and actually enhance and develop all of the essential aspects of your business such as:

  • Business Growth
  • Sales Skills
  • Business Turnaround
  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing and Sales Concepts
  • Leadership Skills
  • Decision Making
  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management and Prioritising
  • Organisational Development
  • Maximising People Potential
  • Launching of New Products


It can be lonely at the top. Professional business coaching with Richard Denny is for MD's, CEO's, business owners and senior executives is like having a sounding board with someone impartial but with a wealth of experience. The relationship between the business coaches and employees is of course, highly confidential.

The relentless demand for bottom line results means that executives have to be constantly improving their management and leadership style. Executive business coaching and business leadership coaching helps keep people sane whilst in turn improves performance and productivity. Executive business coaching prepares professionals to open their hearts and minds and disclose their worries and/or perceived difficulties and teaches them how best to overcome them.

The relationship between the business coaches and employees within a particular organization is crucial for the success of all business coaching courses. The nature of that relationship will dictate the benefits. The synergy, trust, respect and confidence must be present at all times for the relationship to work. In addition to all this, the background, qualification, experience and skills of the selected business coaches must match with the individual's needs perfectly. Only then will a professional business coaching relationship truly succeed to achieve the expectation. Equally critical is to know when to end that relationship once the objectives have been achieved.

Business Coaching

Keynote Speaker

Private Public Speaking Coaching


When there is a need to have some confidentiality and specific help with the next speech and when time is also at a premium. Private coaching helps to position the ideas at the right level, to deliver at the right tone, to address controversy with the right sensitivity and to get impartial constructive critique.

The ability to communicate by everybody in a position of leadership is absolutely paramount in the 21st century, probably more so than ever before. It is a common denominator that all great leaders good or bad have demonstrated an ability to be excellent public speakers.

When there is a need to take your public speaking to the next level for major keynote addresses, Ministerial presentations, financial presentations, annual general meetings, awards’ ceremonies, annual staff conferences, business sector conferences.

Private coaching will help with:

  • Keeping your audience with you
  • How to command attention
  • Focused body language
  • Using your voice to create presence
  • Managing and controlling the audience
  • Technical skills
  • The use of eye contact
  • Managing stage fright/nerves
  • Projecting strength, drive, confidence and conviction
  • Content that holds interest
  • Powerful persuasive skills
  • Getting the message sold or bought into
  • Why humour can be dangerous
  • When not to use humour
  • Handling difficult questions
  • Dealing with a hostile audience
  • The vital communicators that make or break a presentation
  • Every type of visual aid:- Powerpoint, using autocue, etc.


Why Richard Denny?

There is a saying that goes “There are those who do ‘do’ and those who can’t teach” it is therefore rare when the doer can also be a teacher. Richard Denny has been on the international speaking circuit for some 30 years. He is regarded as a legend with his extraordinary ability to communicate and inspire virtually every type of audience. He is regarded as the master by his peers.

Richard coaches executives, entrepreneurs, states people, politicians, government ministers, celebrities, media personnel, sports personalities and public sector leaders and he works throughout the world. When coached by Richard you will experience high calibre skills fused with the magic of incredible experience and Richard’s uncanny ability to develop other people. Richard stresses that in the vast majority of cases this relationship is strictly confidential and clients’ names are never mentioned.

Where does the coaching take place? Easy Your place (most places in the world) Or Richard’s (in Gloucestershire UK)

A little bit of useless information:- Research has shown that 72% of people fear public speaking more than death.

Private public speaker coaching has many variables, not only for the individual but also for the events that they may have to speak at, combined with visual aids that may or may not be required, i.e. autocue, PowerPoint, working with interpreters…………..

Keynote Speaker

Professional Masterclass

Masterclass for Professionals - Accountants & Lawyers

This masterclass will result in greater client acquisition, higher billings from current clients, and competitive barriers to improve client retention. This will be achieved through giving all attendees the tools and the skills to increase their fee income through practical and acceptable processes leading to a more inspired, confident and rewarding career path. See below for our specific results- guarantee.


  • The only four ways to grow a business
  • Developing durable client relationships
  • Team Building
  • Marketing that brings new clients direct to you
  • The key elements of personal branding &  promotion
  • The hidden potential and opportunity of client care
  • How to pitch a winning tender
  • How to network confidently & productively
  • Obtaining effective recommendations and referrals
  • How to win new clients while maintaining your
  • Professionalism

Guarantee: If this Masterclass does not deliver £50,000 increased revenue within three months the investment will be refunded.

Free Client Relationship-Builder: Included in the investment is a one-hour business development seminar for your clients. This is a popular I hour breakfast or early evening seminar for your clients and prospective clients. This alone will attract a wealth of new business.

Client Relationship-Builder Seminar Titles:

  • Beat the competition in a tough market
  • Keeping and motivating the staff you want
  • The manager is dead long live the leader
  • The only modern way to sell
  • The 5 steps to increase market share
Professional Masterclass

Business Growth Masterclass

A One Day Masterclass with ‘The Millionaire Maker’ Richard Denny

The Business Growth Masterclass Content Includes

  • The only four ways to grow a business
  • How to increase prices without losing customers
  • The mistakes people make in selling
  • How to get your customers to sell for you
  • How to find the decision maker
  • The perfect sales presentation
  • The latest and most powerful selling tools
  • Closing a sale effectively
  • Why NO can make you a lot of money
  • Effective marketing at minimal cost
  • Why be careful with email
  • Why customer satisfaction is so dangerous
  • Reducing discounts
  • The vital ingredient – the difference that makes the difference

Result: All participants will be ignited with the latest best practice concepts as well as the very latest in competitive
edge selling. The outcome will be new clients/customers and increased business from existing customers, plus that
magic ingredient – the winning attitude

Who should attend?: Entrepreneurs, directors, managers, business owners, sales people, plus anybody who is tasked with growing business

Notes: Conducted with a small group of 12 delegates this is a great opportunity to work closely with Richard and each person should bring with them one or two questions about their business to discuss with him.

Date, Venue & Cost: Regularly held at Warwick University CV4 7AL. The cost is £987 + VAT per person, with 5% discount if two or more delegates come from the same business.

Each delegate will receive:

  • Comprehensive work manual
  • Signed copy of Winning New Business
  • Copy of Wise Words for Sales People
  • Copy of Wise Words for Managers
  • Copy of Life’s Little Motivators
  • Membership to Denny Business Academy
  • Registration for ‘Thought for the Day’
  • £100 voucher towards the cost of another Richard Denny Masterclass for you or a colleague •Plus an excellent lunch with Richard Denny

To Enrol: Call Judith Harker +44 (0) 1608 653865 or Email: “I have been an avid fan of Richard’s for the past 13 years and I have to say he gets better every time I attend one of his seminars or training days. His knowledge and understanding and professional salesmanship is unparalleled, he is constantly changing his training programmes to keep pace with the ever changing times.” John Bailey, National Accounts Manager, Cargotec UK Limited

Richard Denny will guide all delegates to achieving profitable business growth. Selling is no longer just about persuasion, winning business is about problem solving, creativity and adding value.

Leadership Masterclass

A One Day Masterclass with ‘The Millionaire Maker Richard Denny

The Leadership Masterclass

Content Includes

  • How to move from management to Leadership
  • How to empower others

¿ How to gain and retain loyalty
¿ How to build trust and commitment
¿ How to set goals
¿ How to communicate effectively
¿ How to manage change
¿ How to give recognition
¿ How to incentivise
¿ How to prioritise
¿ How to recruit effectively
¿ How to avoid destructive negative behaviour
Result: All participants will be equipped with leadership skills, be a better communicator and most importantly of all increase performance, productivity and profits via – motivational leadership
Who should attend?: CEOs, MDs, business owners, directors and managers at all levels in both the private and public sectors.
Notes: Conducted with a small group of delegates this is a great opportunity to work closely with Richard and each person should bring with them one or two questions about their business to discuss with him.
Date, Venue & Cost: Held regularly at Warwick University CV4 7AL. The cost is £987 + VAT per person, with 5% discount if two or more delegates come from the same business.
Each delegate will receive: •Comprehensive work manual •Signed copy of Motivate to Win •Copy of Wise Words for Sales People •Copy of Wise Words for Managers •Copy of Life’s Little Motivators •Membership to Denny Business Academy •Registration for ‘Thought for the Day’ •£100 voucher towards the cost of another Richard Denny Masterclass for you or a colleague •Plus an excellent lunch with Richard Denny
To Enrol: Call Judith Harker +44 (0) 1608 653865 or Email:
“Really understanding why employees follow leaders was the turning point for me in this Masterclass. Richard Denny understands from the bottom up what it takes to lead success and I came away feeling motivated, confident and was able to take my team forward to a record-breaking year.”
Diane Martyn, Ex CEO Randstad
Leaders Born or Made?
Richard Denny turns managers into leaders in this one day Masterclass

Leadership Coach

Would you like Richard Denny as your personal coach on leadership, selling, customer care and attitude?
Yes, but an impossible dream?

Well now it’s no longer a dream – watch this 40second taster from the Management & Leadership title and click the link below to access FREE the first video in the full 24-part series of each of the 4 titles and find how to have Richard on call 24/7 when you really need him.

Personal Success Coach

Would you like Richard Denny as your Personal Success Coach?

Yes, but an impossible dream?

Well now it’s no longer a dream –click the link below to access FREE the first video in the full 24-part series of each of the 4 titles and find how to have Richard on call 24/7 when you really need him.

Sign-up for your FREE Thought for the Day

Register for Richard’s FREE 'Thought for the Day', a short sharp quote to kick start your day. On sales, leadership, relationships, and just life!

Tips for motivational management

Every recruitment agency in the land will agree that by far the major reason for people leaving an employer is due to not feeling appreciated or valued.  Let me remind you of that powerful phrase, “people don’t leave companies, they leave people.”  I equally believe, and my experience has shown, that this lack of appreciation is one of the major causes of high absenteeism that some in the private sector, but many more in the public sector, do suffer from.

Why are so many managers unable, unwilling or simply forget to say a thank you and show appreciation to their staff?  It’s just not good enough to have the pathetic mind set of believing “that is what they are paid to do.”  This lack of appreciation is very rarely uncovered or disclosed at the exit interview.  Apparently the British psyche does not handle praise well.  But praise and recognition are fundamental and vital leadership skills and qualities.

So if you want to keep your people, staff and colleagues; help them to be more competent; increase productivity and create a happier working environment; positive constructive input and loyalty; praise and care for your staff.  After all, they are your customers, so follow these tips:

  1. Praise in public, criticise in private. Let other people hear you giving praise.  You will get more of whatever you recognise, reward or praise.
  2. Understand the individual. Some people need more praise than others.  Some people have great difficulty in receiving praise.
  3. Be authentic. The praise must be yours even though it may have been told to you by someone else.  It must be owned by you and believed by you.  If the praise worthy event is related to you from another source get your facts right, but again take ownership of the praise, while giving recognition to others.
  4. Deliver praise with sincerity, with eye contact, with pleasure and with happiness. You know body language communicates more powerfully than the spoken word.
  5. Be timely. Yes, of course some praise is better late than never but really make the effort to give it as near to the event as is humanly possible.  This just depends where praise lies in your priority of life.
  6. The recipient really must deserve the praise and the event must also be praise worthy.
  7. Praise should also be geared to the impact of the actions that were deserved. In other words, you are sharing the ramifications of the success that is forthcoming from the praise worthy activity.
  8. Praise will change behaviour so you will get more of whatever you are praising and recognising. So be careful.  If you praise people for working long hours you will get more people working long hours, but this may not be productive and is generally unproductive.
  9. Get the balance right. Too much praise is completely ineffective.  Can you recall old Mr Grace from the TV programme Are You Being Served saying “you are all doing very well”, every time he met his staff.
  10. Be brave. Step outside your comfort zone.  Give a little praise and enjoy.
Tips for motivational management

10 Tips for motivating the sales force

Selling is of course the most important activity in any business. Those who sell bring in the money that everybody else can live off, so the man or woman who can motivate and inspire sales people is highly sought after. Before we go through the top 10 tips, do remember there is a big difference between a sales force and a sales team. They require totally different managerial and motivational sales skills sets. A sales force is a group of individuals entirely dependent on their own performance for results. A sales team of course is interdependent on each other for the results.

1. You the sale leader must be an effective sales person, you don’t have to be the greatest but you must be good, and be still willing to go out and sell where necessary. To be an effective leader in sales you must have the trust and respect of the sales people.

2. You must recognise part of your responsibility is as a trainer. You must make sure that your people are getting the right training, both in their product knowledge, which can only be learnt internally, and their sales skills and attitude, which is best learnt externally. Your role is of course to be continually giving them the support.

3. You must be motivated yourself. If you want motivated sales people it only starts at the top. When the leaders are leading the followers will follow.

4. You must have clear goals and targets that your sales people have bought into. You will de-motivate them if you set your targets too high. They must be realistic, achievable and of course challenging. Targets and competitions are most effective when they are short term. Ideally daily, weekly, monthly and maximum 3 months.

5. The sales leader should hold regular sales meetings. The maximum interval, one month and the meeting should be no more than 2 hours. Weekly meetings are of course very effective where people are working out of an office. WARNING here, do not run a sales meeting unless you have been trained how to do it. (further information from Richard Denny Group - details).
The media have called Richard Denny ‘The Millionaire Maker’. For over 30 years he has helped thousands of people into financial wealth, and others into greater achievement and happiness. His lectures, books, videos, DVD’s and CD’s are bought around the world.

6. Recognition in all its various forms is your trump card in motivating people effectively. Remember, people will work harder for the right form of recognition than for a monetary incentive. So for target or goal achievement, lots of praise in public.

7. It is essential that the sales leader talks regularly to their sales people, preferably on a daily basis to check on performance, pipeline, sales achieved, and of course for the sales leader to give a few pointers, a little praise and a motivational lift-up.

8. Encourage all your people to give ideas for improvement. Listen to their opinions and respond within 48 hours.

9. Invest in your sales people. There are still too many sales people who are not trained, even worse there are some who have been trained years ago and are still operating out of date appalling sales practice. This small investment will be the best investment you will make this year.

10. Make sure that your sales people are allocating their time effectively, giving themselves maximum exposure, either on the phone or face to face with customers and potential customers. Get the balance right between TWT (total working time) and CCT (customer contact time).

Selling to Win

This ever popular and successful sales course will provide the essential skills that work immediately - register NOW.

'Selling to Win' will put £££'s in the pockets of all who attend; teaches robust and proven skills to those new to sales, refreshes, recharges and benchmarks for the seasoned sales person. This one day course is now also CPD accredited and equates to eight hours of Continuing Professional Development

Delegates will learn how to:-

  • Win more business from the competition
  • Get a sale where not the cheapest
  • Become a preferred supplier
  • Sell the benefits of the solution
  • Handle objections
  • Make excellent presentations
  • Close the sale                                                               

Guaranteed result or your money back!

Venue:   De Vere, Canary Wharf, E14 4HD 

Date/Time:     Thursday, 10th November, 2016. 9am-5pm

Investment:  £597 + VAT (less 5% if 2 or more from the same company)


  • Comprehensive course manual 
  • Copy of Selling to Win 25th anniversary edition 
  • £50 voucher towards the cost of another training course for you or a colleague
  • £25 voucher towards purchase of product
  • Plus an excellent lunch.

Some comments from recent successful delegates:-  

"Fantastic presentation. So helpful and I will be recommending to other colleagues ." Mel Rumbelow, Evergreens UK.

"I've attended many sales courses but none in the last 10 years. This has been a really good refresher and update on structured sales skills"  Vivien Curley, Direct Accident Management

"Great course and very valuable to me as an upcoming salesman" Conor McVeigh, Blue Machinery.

"I would have liked another 8 hours!" Andrew Stace, Stace Roofing

"Very well presented. Was not sure about coming onto the course, but am glad I did now" Gareth Jones, Pod Training and Consultancy

Enrol:      Email or call Judith 01608 653865

Selling to Win

Richard Denny Group Overview