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The UK”s leading tube and pipe maintenance company. With 15 years experience in servicing heat exchangers, condensers, and cooler tubes using our patented mechanical cleaning process. We are providers of tube cleaning equipment, tubesheet coatings and tube plugs

We are also the UK distributor for Rydlyme and Rydlyme Marine – the worlds leading biodegradable de–scaler. Totally safe to use, environmentally friendly, and dissolves water scale quickly and efficiently.


Tube Cleaning

At RICO we offer a variety of different services to clean heat exchanger tubes. We have many years of experience in resolving tube fouling issues. These services include the Mechanical Scraper System, High Pressure Water Jetting, the Air Mate TM Pellet Launcher System, the ARW Tube Cleaning Machine, and Rydlyme - the world's leading biodegradable descaler. All these processes with the exception of High Pressure Water Jetting and the Mechanical Scraper System are available for use by the client and can be purchased direct from RICO. Please browse our departments for more information on our products.

Leak Searching


Using foam to search for on-line leaks is a relatively simple but effective method to quickly find condenser tube leaks.

By using a specific foaming agent that is created by the foam generator the tube plates are covered completely with the foam, Any tubes where the foam is sucked into the tube signifies that a leak is present. These leaking tubes can be verified using a variety of instrumentation and plugged.


Helium is an inert gas therefore it is ideal for leak detection because of the reactive nature of the environment that it can be used in.

A Helium Mass Spectrometer is set up to monitor the steam side of the condenser while the unit is running. The inlet water box tube sheet is then divided into sections and the helium is applied to each of these sections in turn.

This helium is drawn through the tubes, the outlet water box and out of the condenser by an extractor fan. If any leaks are present in the section being tested the helium will be pulled through them and into the steam side of the condenser where the helium spectrometer will then read positive for a leak. By subdividing and retesting any leaking sections each individual leaking tube can be located, marked and plugged.



Tube Inspection Services

Acoustic Eye System™

Acoustic Eye™ provides non-invasive tube inspection solutions to the heat exchanger market. Utilising breakthrough acoustic-based technology, this solution revolutionises the way companies perform heat exchanger maintenance. With Acoustic Eye™, you can test 100% of your tubes at a fraction of the time and cost of your current maintenance budget and avoid costly downtime due to failures in your mission-critical equipment.

Eddy Current Tube Inspection

NDT inspection services for tube bundles to include heat exchangers, condensers, oil coolers, air conditioning units. .

Eddy current is based on the principle of measuring changes in the impedance of an electromagnetic coil as it is scanned over a surface of conductive material.

Using eddy current  inspection techniques you can quickly detect tube corrosion, pits, wall loss and cracks.

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