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Our static transfer switches provide power for one or two input sources. The static transfer switches are floor standing and have been designed for bigger three phase loads.  

Standby Generators

Our Elcos generators provide longer term back-up solutions to ensure your business stays up and running during power failures. Elcos generators are used for a variety of different industries including medical, transportation and telecommunications.

We provide a wide range of generators designed to meet your individual requirements.

STS Transfer Switches

Our STS transfer switches are used to provide a power source from one of two primary input sources. Within this configuration, there can be either two separately derviced mains supplies, the outputs from two uninterruptible power supplies or a combination of the two.

Our floor standing STS transfer switch range includes master switch and is designed for use with large three phase loads.

Solar Inverters

With years of experience within the power supplies market, we have partnered with Aros Solar Technology to put together an innovative series of solar inverters.

The Aros Solar Inverter product range covers both domestic and commercial-industrial applications from 1.5 to 500kW. Aros Solar Inverters are accredited for use in the UK market and are available from Riello.

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