Riga Wood GmbH


Latvijas Finieris produces, refines and sells birch plywood, synthetical resins and phenolic resins. Additionally, Latvijas Finieris is active in timber harvest and forestry.

The global presence of Latvijas Finieris is guaranteed by business partner from more than 60 countries where birch plywood is sold.

Birch plywood is a material with great potential and a multitude of possibilities for the respective application. Our ambition is to satisfy your wishes.

Riga Wood GmbH

Our vision: We want to become the leading developer, producer and supplier of birch plywood and related services.

Our mission is the long-term development of relations to customers, forest owners, cooperation partners, suppliers and employees of the company: responsibly working, responsibly earning, responsibly investing what was earned.

Our conviction: plywood production offers many development opportunities, and we believe that especially the usage of birch plywood offers many advantages.

Riga Wood GmbH

Our products:
• veneer panels
• plywood boards for vehicle construction
• plywood
• plywood boards for sound insulation
• plywood laminating services
• hardly inflammable plywood
• wooden façade formworks
• plywood boards for model construction
• laminated wood (building trade)
• wooden façades

Riga Wood GmbH
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