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We are different because we offer high specification solutions rather than just standard basic grade products. We sell direct, keeping cost low, so we can offer better value and, as we keep almost everything you find on this site in stock, we provide excellent service.

Keeping Prices Low
With the Right Lines business model, low prices can be achieved without compromising product quality. We never supply ‘DIY’ grade products that are commonly associated with cheap prices. For example our professional grade General Purpose Diamond blades can be bought for as low as £28.50 per 10, but offer great performance and 7mm deep diamond segments.

How do we do it?

  • We sub-contract warehousing, so you don’t pay for unnecessary overheads in your prices.
  • We don’t employ sales reps, so you don’t pay their wages or commissions in your prices.
  • We work with selected partners internationally and get the best products at internationally competitive prices.
  • We sell direct to you.

So you spend less money buying better products.

Diamond Disc Blades For Tile Saws & Angle Grinders

We offer a selection of blades for tiling to suit tile cutting saws, angle grinders and 355mm cut-off saws. There are 3 ranges of 'Tile Slysa' (pronounced Tile Slicer) discs to slice tiles of different materials and thicknesses.

  1. Tile Slysa: Professional duty ceramic tile blades. Also for most quarry floor tiles.
  2. Tile Slysa Premium:  Makes light work of slicing through porcelain, glass and other hard materials. A very neat cutting blade.
  3. Tile Slysa Turbo Premium: A fast cutting blade, even through the hardest grade 5 porcelain, marble or granite

For shaping slabs or masonry we offer curved diamond blades.

Diamond Disc Blades For Tile Saws & Angle Grinders

Metal Cutting Discs & Wheels

We offer 3 ranges of cutting discs:

  • Standard metal grade
  • Thin stainless steel grade
  • Wheels for high speed petrol saws

All are flat profile for ease of alignment. They all comply with EN12413. The key differences with the thin stainless steel grade are: they cut harder metals faster, produce less waste and create less heat.

The high speed petrol saw wheels address the needs of latest generation petrol saws which require a peripheral speed of 100m/s.

We stock most sizes up to 355mm and can supply up to 505mm on a made-to-order basis.

More information on Metal Cutting Discs & Wheels

Metal Cutting Discs & Wheels

Sanding Paper Sheets and Rolls

We stock sandpaper in both sheets and rolls for convenience.

Sheets are in mixed grade packs of 12 in full, half and third sheet sizes.

Rolls are supplied in 115mm width for use on orbital sanders or by hand. We have flexible decorators' rolls for paint preparation and heavier rolls for woodworking.

For more information on Sanding Paper Sheets and Rolls

Sanding Paper Sheets and Rolls

Abrasive Belts for Belt Sanders

Applications: Ideal for hard and soft wood. Use to smooth, de-nib, clean coatings and prepare surfaces. Sizes for use with popular hand held and bench belt sanders.


  • Quality aluminium oxide abrasive, suitable for hard and soft wood.
  • Cotton backing, strong but flexible.
  • Bi-directional. Joints allow running in either direction. Turning belts round may extend life.
  • Quality joints, butt spliced and taped for strength and smooth running.
  • Multi-Grade packs include 1 pack (10) of each grade listed and provide an economic means of stocking up for a full range of sanding duties.
  • Pack quantity: 10 belts.
Abrasive Belts for Belt Sanders

Construction Diamond Blades

For more information on Construction Diamond Blades

Applications:  For the serious professional who wants to quickly cut through all site materials including, steel pipes and bars, hard brick, granite, Indian and York stone as well as concrete, including reinforced concrete. An excellent choice for those who like to use the best.


  • Premium diamond segments for cutting hard stone, engineering brick etc.
  • Turbo-segmented for faster cutting.
  • Air-cooling holes maintain lower temperature for metal cutting.
  • Suitable for wet or dry cutting.
  • 10mm deep laser welded segments.
  • Swept profile landings for strength.
  • Superb cutting performance.
Construction Diamond Blades

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