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At Riverside Waste Machinery, we specialise in the supply of waste machinery to many industries.

Our large stock of waste balers cater for many recycling requirements including our excellent collection of cardboard balers. Suitable for many industrial recycling requirements, large amounts of cardboard waste can be dramatically reduced with our cardboard balers. They offer a tidy and efficient method incentive to improve recycling capabilities.

Baler Equipment

As the largest independent waste baler supplier in the UK, we can supply a comprehensive range of baler equipment from waste balers and shredders to pressing machinery. We strive to provide our baler equipment in the quickest possible time for our clients nationwide, so they can benefit from our extensive recycling systems without delay.

Baler Equipment

Waste Balers

Plastic balers, paper balers, cardboard balers, and can balers are all key examples within our waste baler range. They are designed to provide you with maximum recycling solutions. With an increase in landfill taxes, companies are increasingly looking for recycling capabilities. This is where our waste baler solutions provide excellent incentives for more companies to recycle waste having the added potential to sell bales to waste processors.

Waste Balers

Baler Consumables

Baler consumables are also included in our stock list to complement our waste baler products.

Our baler consumables include the following:

  • Box of baling twine (8x roll)
  • Baling wire for use with vertical mill sized balers


Baler Consumables

Waste Management

We are experts in providing equipment solutions for waste management with a wealth of experience to offer since our establishment in 1998. As waste management specialists with a primary focus to reduce the amount of waste disposal costs, we supply the following key product ranges:

  • Waste Balers
  • Waste Compactors
  • Waste Shredders
Waste Management

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