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At RJH Plastics we have over 40 years of experience working in plastic extrusion and conversion. We’re based in Birmingham and offer polythene bags, sheets and tubing made to your specifications.




Polythene Bags

We offer polythene bags made to order to suit your particular product requirements. Our range of bags includes coloured and printed options in case you need to colour code items or add specific instructions such as warnings or instructions on how to handle the contents. You can tell us the precise size and gauge of the polythene bags you need.



Polythene Sheeting

Polythene sheeting is highly versatile and has many uses if you’re working in commercial or industrial environments. It can be used for protecting goods and cargo during shipping or storage against damp and knocks, for securing packed boxes, and in construction roles where parts of a building or floor need to be kept clean of dust and paint.

Our polythene sheeting is a robust material available in various colours and with the option of various additives to protect against static, UV damage and corrosion.


Polythene Tubing

Polythene tubing comes set onto a roll as a long length of plastic tube. The polythene will protect against water and can be sealed up to stop any dirt and dust particles from damaging the integrity of your goods.

We offer various types of polythene tubing – ether lay flat tubing that comes as a flat length of tube wound onto a cardboard core; or gusseted tubing that has a rectangular profile and can therefore be used to package and protect especially large items.


Mailing Bags

Plastic mailing bags come in handy if you send out products to customers and need to ensure they reach their intended destination in mint condition. The mailing bag will protect your cargo during transit or postage and keep it safe against any knocks or damage. And the can be made tamperproof to prevent theft or interference with the contents.

Our mailing bags are typically lightweight, waterproof and come with an adhesive strip to keep the contents of your bag safely held within. We offer courier bags, bubble and stretch wrap for extra layers of protection too.


Polythene Extruders

We offer polythene sheets, tubing, wrap and bags made using extrusion. We offer custom made extruded items manufactured to sizes that suit your products and that will provide protection during transit or storage. Additional colours can be added to the polythene tubing or sheets along with printed messages or instruction

We can add additives to polythene profiles including anti-static, UV stabiliser, biodegradable elements and Volatile Corrosive.


Sheet of Polythene

You can use sheets of tough polythene to package, protect and cover goods and products during transportation and storage. The polythene stops any dirt getting onto the items keeps them protected against knocks.

Our sheet options include single and double wound types wound onto a cardboard core; a centre folded sheet with a fold on only one side for double width to pack especially large products; and the J folded sheet with the upper sheet taken away so a pre-formed lip exists allowing you different sized upper and lower sheet webs.


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