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Thread and Form Rolling Die Specialists

RLS Tooling Ltd. was established in 1989 to satisfy a need for a UK based form rolling die manufacturer. We have since expanded to provide a very comprehensive range of tooling for most threading applications as well as form rolling.

We are ISO 9001:2000 registered to ensure quality in our manufacture and we use CNC machinery in the manufacturing process together with CAD to aid die design.

Some Of Our Products:

  • Circular Thread Rolls
  • Tangential Chasers
  • Flat Thread Rolling Dies
  • Form Rolling Dies

To cater for the demanding market of tougher materials, we offer a range of different die steels and coatings. Further more our dies can be supplied with standard edge chamfers or radius run edges.

Flat Thread Rolling Dies

RLS Tooling Limited can make dies for all common machines and supply any standard thread forms whether pointed or non pointed.

Large stocks are available for profiles such as ISO, Unified, Whitworth and BA. Profiles that are not in stock and special thread forms can be made to order.

We also manufacture a full range of gimlet point dies for "AB", "A" Type, Woodscrews, Chipboards, Ogival, "CA" and taperpoint and knurling dies.

To help our customers to make effective cost savings, we will regrind any make of die to any thread you require.

Flat Thread Rolling Dies

Circular Thread Rolls

We make circular rolls to suit all 2 roll and 3 roll machines. Our rolls can be supplied with a full range of standard forms like "ISO", Unified, Whitworth, "BA" and also Specials such as Acme and Trapezodial.

If your requirements are not satisfied with our vast range of forms, then we have in-house design and manufacturing facilities to custom make your specials.

RLS rolls can be supplied for Helical Plunge or Annular Thru rolling applications.

Rolls can be supplied new or old rolls can be re-ground with any

Circular Thread Rolls

Form Rolling Dies

Here at RLS Tooling we produce high quality Form Rolling Dies.

It is now possible to use your flat thread roller to make many simple parts that have been traditionally produced on "capstons" and "autos".

RLS form dies will roll either a single groove or multiple grooves such as door lock bolts. It is also possible to roll tapered grooves like a castor peg.

Different shapes can be rolled on the end of components like Radi or Chamfers. If it has not been rolled before, we have technical staff that can evaluate any possible form rolling application.


Form Rolling Dies

Tangential Chasers

RLS Tooling Ltd stock a vast range of Tangential Chasers with standard forms such as ISO, Unified, Whitworth (tapered and parallel). We can make to order other forms like, Lag, Acme, Trapezoidal and many specials.

Chasers can be supplied in standard HSS or a premium quality HSS. If required, we are able to offer a Nitride coating to enhance tool life.

Our chasers are stocked without the throat angle ground, in order that we can grind to your specific requirements, whether they are standard short/long, Rebar, Centreline.

Tangential Chasers

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