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RMD Kwikform is a CUSTOMER-DRIVEN BUSINESS. By understanding why our customers prefer to buy from us, we will

  • offer tailored solutions for specific needs
  • offer compelling value
  • succeed by doing not talking

In this way, we will create sustainable competitive advantage and establish the basis for future growth in all of our worldwide markets.


RMD Kwikform is a GLOBAL LEADER in the development and execution of wall formwork solutions. With an enviable range of wall formwork products and a determination to provide an added value service, RMD Kwikform can provide a tailor made solution to suit virtually any design and height of wall.

  • Superslim is the definitive formwork primary beam with an unrivalled strength to weight ratio.
  • Maxima is a robust, versatile, large-panel formwork system, suitable for concrete pressures up to 80kN/m2.
  • Minima is a lightweight, modular formwork panel system designed to take up to 60kN/m2.
  • Rapid Ply Panels is an easy to use panel formwork system, with the ability to construct both straight and curved walls, with a maximum design pressure of 50kN/m2.
  • Trapeze is an infinitely variable circular formwork system which can form radii upwards of 2.5m upwards and withstand concrete pressures of up to 60kN/m2
  • Reflex is the new curved wall formwork system from RMD Kwikform. It’s robust, galvanised design has the ability to withstand concrete pressures of up to 60kN/m2.
  • Ultraframe - a formwork supporting product which enables the casting of a single sided walls up to 9.6m high.

Decking - Airodek

With a wide variety of options, RMD Kwikform can provide decking solutions to meet any requirement. Whether for a high rise building requiring a repetitive option, or a longer term, high load option, RMD Kwikform has the tailored solution to exceed expectations.

  • Airodek: a lightweight soffit formwork system that can take slab depths of up to 450mm.
  • Kwikstage Propping & Decking: is one of the most universally established scaffolds throughout the world. Used for propping and decking applications, it’s the inherent simplicity that makes Kwikstage a versatile, efficient and cost effective alternative to traditional tube and fitting.
Decking - Airodek


RMD Kwikform is a global leader in the development and execution of shoring solutions. With an enviable range of shoring products, and a determination to provide an added value service, RMD Kwikform can provide a tailor made solution to virtually any shoring application requirement.

  • Rapidshor is a cost effective modular galvanised steel shoring system, developed with an extensive range of accessories to create a versatile and easy to assemble shoring system.
  • Kwikstage - a modular steel shoring system - provides a fast, efficient and versatile method of constructing support structures. By using standard Kwikstage components, a support system can be erected, capable of supporting leg loads up to 75kN.
  • Alshor Plus is the evolutionary progression of a proven aluminium shoring system, Alshor Plus with increased loading of up to 120kN/leg.


Kwikstage is the universally established prefabricated scaffolding system. Kwikstage speeds construction by eliminating obstructive internal bracing; its versatility can easily get around obstacles and is able to overcome sloping ground.

  • Ledgers and transoms are fixed to the vertical standards using captive wedge connections, eliminating the need for transverse bracing.
  • No loose fittings - captive connector means reduced losses and increased productivity compared to traditional tube and fitting scaffold.
  • Adaptability - Kwikstage will allow the user to follow most building profiles by just using the basic components.
  • Simple erection procedures ensure stringent safety levels can be easily achieved.
  • A comprehensive range of accessories for handrails, hop-up brackets, staircase towers and loading bays, providing safe and secure access at all times.
  • Simple to maintain - no screw threads, leads to maximising the life of the product and minimising service costs.


RMD Kwikform has provided unique special formwork solutions for a wide spectrum of applications, including:

  • Water Retaining Structures
  • Tunnels and Culverts
  • Bridges
  • Columns and Piers
  • Water Treatment Works
  • Energy Plants
  • Industry and Commerce
  • Leisure and Entertainment
  • Pre-cast and Site Moulds

Water related projects
The scale and diversity of water applications requires not only conventional, but also special formwork to ensure a safe, high quality end product. Special forms have included: shaped butress ends, crest formers, drag screed systems and single faced cantilever systems. For such applications, a high degree of accuracy is required in terms of the design solution and the fabricated formwork.

Tunnels, culverts and bridges
RMD Kwikform have provided forms for a variety of tunnel and culvert projects throughout the world. Our experience ranges from huge travellers for immersed tube elements to compact and fully automated telescopic circular tunnel formwork machines. RMD Kwikform has vast knowledge and experience of bridge construction, and in the past has provided forms for pylons, piers and crossheads, as well as travellers for balanced cantilever construction.

Columns and piers
The design of columns and piers varies enormously, heightening the need for innovative formwork solutions. The RMD Kwikform designs for columns and pier forms aim to reduce labour and construction time by minimising site joints and ties. As a result of this expertise, a wide variety of column forms can be produced to specification, in both a timely and cost effective manner.

Energy, industry and commerce
RMD Kwikform have provided forms to a range of energy related projects, from natural gas storage to coal bunkers for power stations. For commercial buildings, we have provided tunnel formwork systems to construct the walls and slabs monolithically.

Our highly responsive team of designers, fabricators, logistical and safety experts all work to the common goal of providing effective, easy to use and economical formwork, to aid your construction project.

Pre-cast and site moulds
Designed to be consistently accurate with high quality concrete surface finish, RMD Kwikform can provide tailor made moulds of any shape and size to suit our clients specific requirements. We ensure that all moulds manufactured are easy to assemble on site, accurately and with the minimum fuss.



Ultraguard is the new lightweight, galvanised edge protection system from RMD Kwikform. A unique 'Z' profiled interlocking barrier system, Ultraguard is capable of providing quick, easy and safe edge protection in every instance at the slab edge.

Ultraguard meets the requirements set out in EU temporary edge protection guidelines BS EN 13374, class ‘A’ and has been developed by a company which understands the requirements of its customers.



At RMD Kwikform we are able to offer two amazing climbing formwork systems. Both can be used in conjunction with any modular or purpose made formwork.

• Rapidclimb is a crane assisted climbing formwork system.
• Autoclimb is a hydraulic self climbing system, independent of cranage.



Megashor is a unique ultra high modular propping system, designed for axial loads of up to 1000kN. However, its real strength lies in its versatility. From heavy lifting towers, frames and trusses, Megashor can be configured for a huge variety of applications.

  • Eight strut sizes, ranging from 15mm to 5400mm, plus a full range of accessories means that Megashor can be assembled into props, towers and trusses of virtually any length, all from standard components.
  • Megashor is approved for support of bridges open to live traffic – bridge bearing replacement work can be carried out with minimum disruption to traffic flows.

Maxima Columns

As part of the planned programme of improvements to the Maxima range, the addition of a column form gives you the following advantages:

industry leading 166kN/m concrete pressure enables unrivalled column pouring speed.
exceptional versatility in panel construction, with extensive column sizes ranging from 200mm - 750.
high quality finish columns from a 12mm plywood liner.
practically no limit to column height and plan size.
easy handling and transportation - components fold and stack with no loose parts when moving.
high degree of safety integrated into the design.
fast-thread captive Rapid Tie Bolts and Tie Plates.
robust working platform with integral guardrails and self closing gate.

Maxima Columns

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