RNA Automation Ltd

RNA AUTOMATION LTD was established in Birmingham in 1986, and has progressed into becoming the major suppliers of parts handling equipment in the UK.

We operate in the area of specialised automation engineering, providing automatic parts handling equipment for high volume production in cosmetics, pharmaceutical, electronics, food and metal working industries - anywhere, where there is a need to automate the handling and orientation of component parts.

From our modern factory situated in Castle Bromwich we are capable of solving your parts handling requirements.

RNA AUTOMATION LTD is a member of the automation group of Rhein-Nadel GmbH based in Aachen, Germany with over 100 years of experience in this industry.

The Automation Group has seven manufacturing sites, in the UK, Switzerland, Spain and four in Germany producing standard units and customised complete handling systems for customers throughout the world.

An international presence has been maintained in the market place for many years with a policy commitment of fostering close relationships with our customers by providing ongoing consultation and service.

RNA Automation Ltd Overview