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At Mathis AG, we specialise in mechanical engineering for the dyeing and coating sectors for standard laboratory and production equipment in addition to customised system solutions.

Our dyeing and coating systems are suitable for the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical
  • Foil and Paper
  • Batteries/ Fuel Cells
  • Paint and Lacquer
  • Textiles
  • Solar Cells/ Photovoltaic


Our coating systems can be divided into two categories – continuous and discontinuous.

We have a wide variety of systems and devices for coating applications in many industries. A few key examples are listed below to demonstrate our variety but our full range can be found on our website:

  •  LTE-T  Thermo tester for plastics
  •  BA-RRC  Reverse Roll Coater
  • LTH  LABDRYER Hot Air Oven
  • DWE  Roller Application Device
  • IR-K  Infrared Dryer
  • BA 16006  Production of Battery Components  
  • BA 15706  Coil coating system for coating and drying steel and aluminium coils


In addition to coating devices, we also specialise in the manufacture of dyeing systems for an extent of industrial applications. Coming in both continuous and discontinuous varieties, our dyeing systems cover exhaust, beaker and bobbin dyeing through to Jetfärben, miscellaneous and testing units. For a full list of these high quality systems please visit our website.

Car Wrapping

At Mathias AG, we supply various car wrapping processes already in use in the automobile industry. Car wrapping involves plastic foils coated and lacquered in the specific colour of the vehicle. The back of the component is sprayed with an economical plastic and then mounted on the vehicle.

Membranes and Ceramic Filters

Chemical industry requirements can be extremely varied which is why we have developed innovative systems specified for your products. Membranes and ceramic filters are applied with the highest of precision to one or both sides of a foil and subjected to several different processes depending on the composition of the chemicals involved. Wet treatment, baking or drying for example could be a process at this stage of using membranes and ceramic filters.

Oral Film Tabs

Oral film tablets and transdermal therapeutic plasters are increasingly becoming more important in the pharmaceutical industry. We specialise in supplying plant concepts and machines for coated foil production and even for impregnated foils as a layer matrix in some cases.

Our oral film tablets are produced coating a foil with a dispersion containing the active ingredient under GMP conditions and in a clean room.

Packaging Foils

In addition to foil coating and paper coating for all kinds of applications we also supply packaging foils, safety foils and protection foils as well as holography and embossed foils. We thrive on mastering the challenges we are presented with a direct aim to find a quick and effective solution.

Fuel Cells

Fuel cells encompass several process stages for their production including coating processes, hydrolisation, drying, and sintering for example, for which reliable machines are required. We specialise in this process technology working closely with various customers in the field to achieve excellent results and have just the right machines for the applications in the production of fuel cells.

Protective Lacquering

Protective lacquering is used in the coil coating process for both steel and aluminium coils and sheets. Our reverse roll coater guarantees reproducible and continuous coating during production. The production of sun protection louvers in numerous colours can be applied for coating on both sides in one machine pass.

Functional Textiles

We are able to produce many systems for the creation of functional textiles for the highest demands, manufacturing functional layers for various applications. Depending on the function, we will use a variety of application methods. The following processes may be included to achieve functional textiles for an array of sport or leisure purposes:

  • Impregnation
  • Coating
  • Laminating
  • Embossing combined with suitable chemicals and process control

Due to their variation, technical textiles often require a multitude of application methods and process control to achieve optimum results. This is where we thrive in supplying multifunctional machines with many possible modules.

Nano Layers for Photovoltaic Applications

Nano layers for photovoltaic applications involve very fine and even layer application to glass or foils before drying. The system and reverse roll coater are configured accordingly to ensure maximum precision is undertaken. We specialise in nano layers for photovoltaic applications and more information on this process can be found on our website.

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