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Robertson Geologging Ltd is the industry leader in manufacturing and supply of digital, slimhole borehole logging equipment, our success can be attributed to our global service and customer support. We also operate our own borehole logging contract service which is a vital factor of our business.

 Our borehole logging equipment is currently used in some of the following industries and applications:

  • civil engineering
  • geotechnical
  • water-well management
  • environmental
  • mining, CBM, mineral exploration
  • oil/gas surveys
  • sonar cavity surveys

RG USB Micrologger 2

Robertson Geologging Ltd can supply the specialist RG USB Micrologger 2. Essentially designed as USB interface for a laptop computer, and dual dsp processors, the Micrologger2 is currently the most powerful portable logging system on the market.

Smaller in size than the average notebook, the Micrologger2 needs only a PC, probe and a RG or third-party supplied winch to provide high quality logging for every situation.

To find out more information about the RG USB Micrologger 2, please contact us.

Borehole Logging Winches

Our range of borehole logging winches and RG winches support standard logging and video cables types and are essentially fully compatible with Videologger2 and Micrologger2 surface systems and all RG probes.

To find out more information on borehole logging winches that we can supply please contact us.

Borehole Video System

We can provide a variety of borehole video system options wit different viewing directions, camera focus and light intensity which can all be controlled from a dedicated surface unit.

We can offer a choice of 65mm pan/tilt borehole camera and 44mm or 90mm dual cameras with sideways and forward viewing option.

Borehole video system camera's can operate on different size coaxial cable to depth of 500mm and 1200m.The same cable and winch may be used for logging purposes too.

RG Oilfield Products

Designed for oil and gas operations, Robertson Geologging Ltd can provide RG oilfield products to the industry for all these purposes.

RG oilfield products and Tools designed by us are optimised for responses in boreholes up to 12" in diameter. The RG digital surface system can then run the industry standard log acquisition software that has been developed by Scientific Data Systems Inc. Environmental correction algorithms are included as part of the acquisition software.


At Robertson Geologging we have many years service experience in the field of borehole logging operations in a host of countries around the world. We can mobilise at short notice for single or long term contracts.

All our engineers are experts in data processing, interpretation and equipment maintenance and are self sufficient and can operate with minimal support.

Our entire range of equipment of equipment is available on a service basis which can prove to be very cost efficient.

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