Robinson Wire Cloth Ltd


A family firm established in 1830, we are specialist and renowned suppliers of all types of filter meshes and relative materials including varying options in wire cloth.

At some stage of production, almost every industry needs to sieve, screen or grade their products, and as a filtration medium there is nothing quite as superior as woven wire cloth.

Woven Wire Mesh

In 2002, we moved to a more sizeable and accommodating premises to match our ambition and growing services. This move enabled us to increase our stock-holding capacity; ensuring goods are available for immediate dispatch, both to UK and overseas customers. This increased capacity includes a wide selection of options in woven wire mesh.

As well as woven wire mesh, further products and materials include:

  • Bonded screens and sieves
  • Insect screens
  • Screens - vibratory
  • Wire cloth
  • Wire mesh

Tensioned Mesh Screens

We have been designing and producing tensioned mesh screens ever since 1830.

Almost two centuries of experience, along with current tension equipment, provides us with the distinction of supplying the most prominent screen manufacturers and end users with ready to use, tensioned mesh screens.

Bespoke Sieves

As well as a multitude of stock and general wire and mesh products, we also cater for bespoke sieves and various other custom products to suit unique requirements and unusual applications.

We manufacture bespoke sieves with polypropylene frames and a stainless steel clamp band. We also offer a re-meshing service.

Mesh Filters

We are equipped to produce shaped mesh filters and cylinders to suit your exact specifications and requirements.

As well as mesh filters, we also supply a wide variety of related products such as screens for plastic extruders and perforated plate and welded mesh.

Perforated Plate

Our product range includes options in perforated plate and welded mesh. Approaching nearly 180 years of servicing the industry, we have continually developed our product range in response to ever changing customer demands.

As a market leader in wire cloth products, we are now able to strengthen this position by adding perforated plate and welded mesh to our list of supply.

Speciality Wire Cloth Services

We provide a wide variety of speciality wire cloth services. These speciality wire cloth services include a bespoke range of products to suit all customers' individual requirements.

  • Sieves
  • Filters
  • Extruder screens
  • Hook screens
  • Taped and eyeletted screens

Stainless Steel Mesh

Within our range of tensioned mesh screens, we provide various options in stainless steel mesh. These options in stainless steel mesh include large stocks of stainless steel from two mesh to 400 mesh, available for immediate despatch.

Products and services include:

  • Bonded screens and sieves
  • Insect screens
  • Mesh bonding
  • Metal mesh
  • Screens - vibratory
  • Sieves and screens
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