Robop Ltd

Robop Ltd started in 2001 in response to rapidly increasing gull populations in the urban environment. Their serious impact on owners of large buildings was becoming a huge issue and where traditional approaches were unable to provide a solution, we stepped in.

The initial concept was the brainchild of Bob McIntyre, a person with a lifetime of practical knowledge and experience of birds and their behaviour. He was joined by Alan Davie, Bob Samuel and John Donald who all share expertise in building and financing technology companies. Taking them from conception to world-wide sales.

Bird and Pest Control

Bird and pest control in general are very conservative markets with innovation limited to cheap “gadgets” of limited effectiveness and short lifespan allied to “brush and shovel” style basic services.

Formally known as 'The Robop' (robotic bird of prey) our R:Falcon systems bring a combination of science, engineering and patented technology to the table. We offer a unique and precision engineered bird control system with 17 years of evolution and a wealth of applications experienced gained from an impressive world-wide customer base of large companies and public sector organisations.

Deter Birds - THE R:FALCON

The R:Falcon is a patented autonomous robot which looks, moves and sounds like a Peregrine Falcon working to deter birds from nesting and roosting on the buildings and property of businesses world wide.

Manufactured to order by our experienced team at our workshop, just outside of Edinburgh. R:Falcons are fabricated from a composite fibre or carbon fibre exterior, painted in-house and constructed using over 100 parts including precision machined components, meticulously tested to make sure we provide you with a premium product which is built to last.

Deter Birds - THE R:FALCON

Bird Control Outlander System

The R:Falcon Outlander system was designed to combat problems incurred by pest birds congregating on synthetic sports pitches.

Inspired by a call from a customer who was experiencing extensive, costly damage and contamination to their newly installed pitch. Damage caused by gulls hanging out, eating, defecating and at times pecking the pitch surface. We set about putting together an approach using the R:Falcon. After a successful 3 month trial, the Outlander system was born.

Bird Control Outlander System

Bird Control Solar System

Each system consists of a Solar R:Falcon which is mounted on a tripod. The feet are fabricated to fit the profile of the roofing sheets on your company premises.

A bearing assembly allows the Falcon to rotate easily. A tough marine-grade coiled-cable connects the bird to an 80AHr deep cycle battery and solar charge regulator, contained within a fibreglass box. This is then connected to a marine solar panel, enabling the power of the sun to power your Falcon.

The solar panels used were chosen after extensive tests at 56 degrees North where solar energy is lowest during winter months. Which means, they are more than capable of keeping the R:Falcon charged through a cold, dark Scottish winter. The panels are light weight and as they have no glass they can be walked on avoiding any potential safety hazard for staff.

Robop Ltd Overview